Finding A Prince
By erupmd
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Princess Kiera; the heir of Atlantis. With her polite smiles and elegant style, she is known as the most graceful princess to be ever born. In six months, she would be crowned queen and would have to lead Atlantis. To prove she is worthy of the throne, she has to fulfill a few demands of The High Council before her eighteenth birthday. Unluckily for her, her Aunt Philippa is greedy to take the throne, especially if it means that she has to make sure that Princess Kiera is not eligible to get it. Would Kiera manage to save herself and the throne, while proving that she is worthy of being Queen, or would she let her power-hungry Aunt Phillipa be successful in getting crowned as Queen of Atlantis? *The beautiful cover above is created by @SomewhatCivilized. Credits to her for it! *


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Finding A...
by erupmd