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  • Bastille Sport Imagines
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    I thought I might make this different from all the other imagines by having a theme...enjoy loads of imagines that involve the guys participating in a variety of sports..... Warnings? Strong language. (PG) And Kyle's constant accident-prone personality... (Also this may be the first Bastille imagines book about sports...

  • Manhunt
    303 18 19

    (Inspired by the Friday the 13th video game.) Bastille is camping out with their friends at a campground, in celebration of Dan's birthday. Supposedly haunted by a man who was neglected by camp counselors as a child, the group has no idea of the killings that have happened in 1979. On the night of Dan's birthday, one...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'd Start A Riot //Dyle//
    3.8K 476 28

    "I will march down an empty street like a ship into the storm No surrender, no retreat I will tear down every wall Just to keep you warm Just to bring you home I will burn this city down for a diamond in the dust I will keep you safe and sound when there's no one left to trust Will you take my hand? We can make our st...

  • Unexpected Reunion / a Dan Smith fan fiction
    698 50 9

    Tiffany and her best friend Cara go to a concert of Bastille for the first time. There Tiffany and Dan have a sort of eye contact, they both feel something special. A few months later Tiffany and Dan meet again at a festival. Will something happen between them?

  • WWCOMMS High School
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    Dan Smith goes to WWCOMMS High School and meets some interesting people.

  • wild world [bastille fanfiction]
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    to :: all subject :: wwcomms .001 // this is wild world he told me that if i joined him i'd always be safe and that i'd never fall from a great height like the other sinners and rule breakers did. that it would be when it comes to me and my spontaneous actions,he would forever be the lesser of my two evils. wild worl...