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to :: all subject :: wwcomms .001 // this is wild world he told me that if i joined him i'd always be safe and that i'd never fall from a great height like the other sinners and rule breakers did. that it would be when it comes to me and my spontaneous actions,he would forever be the lesser of my two evils. wild world communications is not what you nor i would've ever suspected it to be, take that from me. and forget the women on the news trying to tell us all that we will lose, wild world communications watches us for the better and for the bad. where nothing is as it seems. this is what the bastille company taught me. the four geniuses behind the idea to lock britain away and throw away the key just to see how society would react. this is wild world. like it or not and this is how to destroy it.

WWCOMMS .001 // Promotion

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wild worl...
by WildWorldComms