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  • Choices | On Hold
    1.1K 323 7

    They say one choice could change your entire life. For 18-year-old Nigel Paxley, his life-altering choice came to him on an icy evening at the intersection of a run-down road. On the intersection sat a red convertible, and inside that red convertible sat the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. She beckoned him forw...

  • Heartbreakers
    179K 6.7K 50

    Everyone at Jackson High School has heard of Heartbreakers, a website dedicated to exposing students who purposely cheat or manipulate others. But despite the website ruining the reputations of more than half the student body no one knows who's behind it. Until it gets hacked. The sugary sweet Aria Mitchell is the l...

  • Fated Hearts {CANCELLED}
    562 35 15

    {Cancelled} What happens when a seventeen year old girl that despise's men down to the core, falls in love? Thanks for reading and enjoy! All rights reserved.