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  • miss you • e.d.
    314K 9K 31

    miss you read at 4:26 am - all rights reserved.

    Completed   Mature
  • BOXER ✰ E. D
    889K 29.6K 35

    everyday was the same, he'd give me a simple nod and walk out of the gym. until that one fateful day... ©HIMASLAYIN highest ranking: #96 on 8/6/17 100k on 8/4/17

    Completed   Mature
  • Guys My Age ➙ Ethan Dolan
    284K 10.3K 42

    In which a young woman's life turns around for the better when she walks into a bar and has a connection with an older man. An Ethan Dolan Fanfiction © Ericka | 2017

  • snapchat | e.d
    52.4K 1.5K 22

    Life's more fun when you live in the moment :) happy snapping!

  • blind ↠ e.g.d
    687K 20.5K 36

    "why are you staring at me" "because you're beautiful" "you must be blind" "i am" "then how would you know i'm beautiful?" "i just do" warning: this book is so so so so cringeworthy and cliche and poorly written ! written before i had any idea how to develop a story lmao. slowly editing

  • roses • e.d
    109K 4.9K 14

    Each color rose offers a distinct meaning. © pettydolan

  • addicted lessons E.d
    450K 6.4K 44

    It was just sex lessons. Nothing more nothing less.

    Completed   Mature
  • Dirty dirty boy ⇉ Ethan Dolan
    376K 5.4K 38

    "You're mine now, all mine."

    Completed   Mature
  • Sexy Sitter | E.D
    750K 18.8K 152

    "Be good for your babysitter" *sexual content*

  • bellman
    63.9K 2.7K 13

    she was life. she was color. she was happiness. she was pure and beautiful. but he was just a bellman.

  • •Daddy Issues• Ethan Dolan
    9.1M 159K 63

    "What's my name?" "Daddy."

  • taste | e.d
    394K 12.7K 33

    He was dangerous. He was deadly attractive. He was damaged. He possessed every quality a stereotypical bad boy was known to have. I was warned. But that didn't mean I couldn't get a little taste.

  • Trust Issues | e.d
    4.6M 108K 99

    "Why can't you trust me?" Daddy Issues | 1st book Trust Issues | 2nd book