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  • Zodiac Within The Stars {Fruits Basket Fanfic}
    358 6 9

    Kyusaki Mio is young woman with a spirited personality. An experiment from an enemy of the Sohmas. She has the capacity of adjusting nature, and connecting to stars. When she is moved into a house by Hatori, she comes to connect with one of the zodiacs.

  • [Onmyoji x Reader] To Protect
    3.9K 122 4

    (Kinda like Inuyasha crossover(?)) (Y/n) is a female Onmyoji and The Shikon Jewel Guardian. She has no home to return, she moves from places to places with only a magic bow to protect her from evil spirits. Carrying the jewel everywhere she go to prevent it from being tainted with evil desires. She has been lonely thi...

  • Be My Queen (Arthur/Saber x reader)
    15.5K 364 5

    "So, you're my master?" I stood there, still dumbstruck as I glimpsed into his glimmering turquoise orbs. "A-And you are?" I stuttered while feeling my face flush. "I'm Arthur Pendragon. You can call me Saber. Don't worry master, I'll protect you no matter what." said as the gorgeous blondie knelt and planted a so...

  • ⭐ FGO × Reader ! Oneshot⭐
    10.2K 156 8

    ☆ A fanfic about you and your favorite Servant ☆ ☆ Can be in a romantic way and bad ending way ☆ ☆ Maybe accepts lemon stuff ☆ ☆ Accepts requests ☆ ☆ b o y or g i r l s servant i dont mind☆

  • Love œ Boundaries
    917 30 7

    Aika woke up in a strange world. She didn't knew how and why, as long as she escaped her problem she's willing to do anything. Little did she know the world she's currently in was her favorite game, onmyoji. This is a fanfiction.

  • The Host Club's Army Girl
    183K 5.3K 26

    Ayaka has always known about the damned host club, but she has never had interest in boys with too much time on their hands. With her father in a high position of the Japanese Air Forces she's never had a dull moment in her life so she's never had the need to go and see the idiotic host club. But when the king of the...

  • [COMPLETE] I Found You Nii-san! || OHSHC Fanfic [Kaoru Love Story]
    599K 22.2K 41

    We all know Mitsukuni Haninozuka, also known as Honey-senpai, right? Well have you heard of Tomoyo Haninozuka, Honey-senpai's little sister? A first year? No, right. Read to see Tomoyo aka Momo-chan's life once she finds her brother, and meets the infamous Ouran Host club. After years of searching for her beloved brot...

  • Mistaken again? (OHSHC)
    512K 18.2K 28

    Akuma Kurosawa is a girl far from normal, she has eyes that everyone calls the devils eyes. And when she grew up everyone stayed away from her. Except a girl named Haruhi Fujioka.

  • Mysteries Upon Us (Kyoya Ootori FanFiction) {Kyoya x OC}
    46.2K 940 22

    Eri Akira Sakurano, 2nd year high school student at Ouran Acadamy, surpassed her first year of high school. Before joining the host club, Eri had only one friend, Hiro Saito, who moved to America when they were in sixth grade, primary school. When Saito moved away, Eri refused to make any friends for an unknown reaso...

  • See You Smile (OHSHC)
    163K 4.9K 16

    Makoto Fujioka only wanted a regular life. That's all she wanted. But, unfortunately, we all can't get what we want. After returning to Japan after ten years, she reunites with her sister, along with meeting her very...strange friends. With her past lingering in her memory, and slowly coming back to haunt her, can sh...

  • The Sohma's Secret (Fruits Basket FanFic) ~OC x Hatsuharu {Haru}~ { ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE }
    40.9K 1.4K 18

    Sawako's father is a traveller so she has to look after her younger brother Shin. Moving to a new home and school Sawako meets Tohru and the Sohma family. When meeting Haru, one of the Sohma's she finds out their secret and is made to keep it a secret. Especially when Akito keeps appearing. (Isuzu -Rin- Is not in this...

  • { The Goddess Type } Ootori Kyouya
    84.6K 2.3K 44

    A student named Aphrodite enters Ouran and she is half Greek and half Japanese/Korean. All hell breaks loose when she accidentally stumbles upon the club, searching for her senior and was dragged by the Hiitachin twins to pick a rose. And just like the myth, Aphrodite herself had major dating experiences before. Yet...

  • Brave [OHSHC] [Mori]
    159K 7.3K 16

    [COMPLETED] She's brave. Despite her weak heart. Despite being lonely. She's brave. Even if it costs her, her life to make someone happy. She's brave. Despite everything bad in her little world. She's brave. When she falls in love. Even though having a overload of feelings, even though feeling the best feeling...

  • 『Three's A Charm』『OHSHC』*EDITING*
    174K 6.1K 29

    『Ouran High School Host Club』 『Hitachiin Twins ✘ OC』 ❝For those who can't choose between the two mischievous twins...❞ A foreign girl who enrolls into Ouran Academy, soon discovers a life she has yet to live, until they both came along. + in the process of editing + 『Cover Made By: @MickeyMouseIsMyHero』

  • hcm
    232K 7.4K 52

    2nd Place 2017 Winter Ouran Wattys Ranked #16 in Kyouya Ranked #80 in Ouran High School Host Club Ranked #25 in Ouran "The best way to not get your heart broken, is to pretend like you don't have one." Lobelia Girls Academy's Zuka club only had three people. Until they are joined by Rin Hayashi, the Kyouya of the Zu...

  • Twins?!- The Hostess with The Mostest (Completed)
    408K 13.3K 105

    :•After some time away Haruhi's twin sister returns to Japan to attend Ouran High School but not without her own past. She soon becomes a new addition to the clubs family, along the way she will discover herself and connect with new people. There might even be time for love.•: "Twins?!" The over dramatic three shoute...

  • Hero | ohshc
    282K 10.4K 61

    - Originally, The Ouran Cafe Princess - Aki Suoh is both a Cafe owner and a student. She's extremely young, the owner and leader of two companies, and a girl with two names to uphold. You wouldn't expect the owner of such companies to be flirty and an exact replica of Tamaki Suoh, her brother. Some would assume that...

  • Slight Annoyance ◐Hikaru Hitachiin And Kaoru Hitachiin◑
    278K 10.2K 37

    ◑ "No, you cannot hold our hands," ◑

  • The Broken Girl In The Host Club 《On Hold》
    87.7K 3K 25

    Yuri Fujioka (Ichinose) is lively girl with a dark past in the host club that not even kyoya knows about. A commoner. She is an honour student like Haruhi and never left her side considering Haruhi is her only friend who knows everything that happen to her life and still accepted her for who she really is. She was hav...

  • ~*°*°*Haruhi's Sister (Ohsch)*°*°*~
    124K 2.7K 31

    Haruhi never said to the host club that she has a twin SISTER. One day, her sister Mae called her that she will come back home from Philippines... How the host club reacted... Hello! Mina-san, This is will be my first OHSCH fanfiction!! Sorry if some grammar or word are wrong LOL I'm a Filipina I'm not influence in En...

  • Haruhi's twin
    79.7K 1.8K 63

    We all know the story how Haruhi got into Ouran Academy, a school for rich people. We all know the lovely Haruhi, but she isn't an only child. She has a sister named Emi. Emi is a sweet, charismatic girl who is a bit on the short side. Regardless after getting into Ouran with Haruhi, she ends up finding herself in a l...

  • A Twin?! (Ouran fanfic)
    100K 2.4K 11

    Haruhi's sister here! I'm really quiet and nicer than Haruhi on the outside, but on the inside I'm a hyperactive genius as Dad puts it. This is a story of my interactions with the Host Club at Ouran Academy.

  • Haruhi's Twin
    147K 3.1K 55

    Rei Fujioka is a teen idol who left her family at the age of 3 to be apart of the entertainment world. 12 years later she is reunited with her father and older twin sister, she also befriends all of her sister's academy friends. What will life hold for these two teenage sisters when their dad makes a change to their l...

  • Abuse Woven (OHSHC Ouran Fanfic)(Kyoya Ootori) [ Completed ]
    107K 2.9K 33

    Delphie Hontozuru is the daughter of Alexandra Freedom and Edri Hontozuru. Her family owning Hope Enterprise. A company that's goal is to make people hope for good things. Her photographic memory constantly helping her study? Lines in her skin leave a trail of abuse to be seen. Woven into her skin. Her life is at risk...

  • What Can I Get In Return? (OHSHC) [Kyouya x OC]
    362K 13.4K 20

    Akari Koizumi, a cute but intriguing girl who goes to Ouran Academy, has many people who admire her from afar, but since her attitude seems antisocial, no one approaches her. She becomes locked up in her own walls, not paying attention to anyone or anything, that is, until she bumps into Kyouya Ootori, the supposed "H...

  • The girl with a thousand secrets [OHSHC fanfic]
    40.2K 1.4K 5

    Emiko Shimizu, daughter of a top selling author, was told that it was her fault that her mother was dead. She isn't allowed to talk or make friends because if she does she a beaten even worse than usual. When he sends her to Ouran Academy, everything goes bad. Read to fin...

  • Stay Away (An OHSHC x Oc fanfic)
    54.7K 1.6K 8

    Aria Takinomi is an only child of a missing father and over working mother. She had it hard with a best friend that committed suicide and another friend that went missing also. It all starts to get better (not without drama) when she meets the club that helps every girl, the Host Club.

  • The Lady Way [OHSHC] [Kyoya]
    269K 13.1K 40

    [COMPLETED] "If you're going to do something, do it the lady way." Straight forward, gracefully , not letting anyone in your way and keeping your eyes on the goal. That, my friend, was the lady way. Jun Takahashi comes from a small family that people at Ouran would consider 'poor'. Her mother always taught he...

  • Hiding Away (Ouran HSHC)
    240K 9.4K 15

    Sora Karashi is the new student at Ouran Academy, upon the request found in her mother's will. Due to her abusive aunt and uncle, she is forced to dress, act, and speak as a boy during her time at the academy. Ouran is the school for the overly rich that holds the infamous Host Club. What is the Host Club, you ask? A...

  • Ghost
    103K 3.8K 21

    (OHSHC FF) Aria Taneki is GHOST Ghost is a hacker in Japan who takes from rich and giving to poor via bank databases. She's also the loner girl with that nickname at Ouran Academy. Though the connection between the two is pretty obvious, no one can seem to figure it out. And when the Host Club finds her out, they don...