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An Addams in Ouran by Zecha13
An Addams in Ouranby Zecha
•Fanfiction• The Ouran highschool host club suddenly has a new member entrusted to them. The principal is a friend of the wife of Pubert Addams. Their daughter Vesper Ad...
BLOOMING HEARTS ▹ T. MORINOZUKA [slow updates] by YumiNishitani
In which the tallest Host will discover new feelings once a classmate gets involved with the Host Club's shenanigans or In which Kazumi's life won't ever be the same aft...
Safe Haven from a Scholarship (Ouran OHSHC Takashi Mori Morinozuka) by kate_inspired
Safe Haven from a Scholarship ( Kate_inspired
Jackie Deloris Duheart is the second chosen scholarship kid for Ouran. So she was ready to go to Ouran High School and get an education. Yet nobody at the school had any...
Street Rat (OHSHC) by Sinful-stories
Street Rat (OHSHC)by Commit Arson
Reichiru is a girl who grew up on the streets, known by most as a Street Rat. And everyone knows that the rich, first class pooches will never interact with the grimy St...
Haruhi's sister (mori/oc) (Complete) by Sammymbaker99
Haruhi's sister (mori/oc) ( Sam
I'm haruhi's sister, Aika, I am one year older and ever since our mother died it had been hard, but haruhi and me have been trying, especially for are dad. We both got i...
B⃟U⃟N⃟N⃟Y⃟ B⃟O⃟Y⃟ ♢Tamaki Suoh ♢ by Neptune_8
B⃟U⃟N⃟N⃟Y⃟ B⃟O⃟Y⃟ ♢Tamaki Suoh ♢by Meraki ♡
♢You think he's cute? Wait until he starts talking, then decide if you really think he's cute. ♢
Engaged to Morinozuka  (an Ouran High School Host Club fanfiction) by nothing4greatness
Engaged to Morinozuka (an Ouran You'll never know...
Mariska Onikan is the only daughter of the Onikan family. Her family owns the biggest import/export business in all of Japan. However, life isn't all fun and games. W...
The Clumsy and The Cool [Kyoya Ootori] (OHSHC) by Creepy_Fabulous_Cat
The Clumsy and The Cool [Kyoya Creepy_Cat
Shinji Sasaki is a clumsy boy. Quiet, awkward, and most of all short. Kyoya Ootori is a cool boy. Calm, silver-tongued, and most of all intimidating. So when Kyoya meet...
Invisible || Kyoya Ootori || by SingingGeekyBookWorm
Invisible || Kyoya Ootori ||by Azumichi
All of her life, Fumika Fujioka has been invisible. Not literally, but close. Fumika has always been in the background while her sister, Haruhi, was in the spotlight. It...
Love Blossoms for Mori (OHSHC) by knagirl16
Love Blossoms for Mori (OHSHC)by Safira Abrams
Mori, a host at the elite Ouran Academy, is the strong, silent type. But when Sakura shows up, all hell breaks loose. An old friend of Mori's, all of a sudden she's sho...
Engaged to a host  by Mayanater
Engaged to a host by Mymy
Your Kyoyas little baby sister but you go to a boarding school outside of Japan but your parents take you out of it and put you in Ouran mostly because your now being fo...
Host Club or Home? (Ouran OHSHC) by kate_inspired
Host Club or Home? (Ouran OHSHC)by Kate_inspired
Amani Grace Kingly was a shy girl from an originally broken home. When she was 9 she fleed to Japan from home to live with her grandma, Lucina Hiroma. Luckily her grandm...
Tag [Mori X Reader] (OHSHC) by Lei_1303
Tag [Mori X Reader] (OHSHC)by Lei
"(Y/n)! What were you doing at the host club?!" Maki, her classmate, questioned. Seeing as though (Y/n) never really participated in clubs or school events. A...
regret - kaoru hitachiin - ohshc  by starmp3
regret - kaoru hitachiin - ohshc by starmp3
re·gret (verb) to feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over something that has happened or been done. she was suppose to be just a summer fling. but she became so, so mu...
Honey's Partner (OHSHC fanfic) by yay_lollipop
Honey's Partner (OHSHC fanfic)by Jessie Scrouffont
A new girl came to Ouran one day. She was getting a lot of attention from other students. She was silently walking in the hallways till she got lost. She was about to cr...
Double Trouble (OHSHC And Black Butler) by yay_lollipop
Double Trouble (OHSHC And Black Jessie Scrouffont
Shizuki Kina and Shizuki Kira are twins. Fraternal twins. They look alike but the only difference is hair length and gender. They are cold and rude when you will first m...
Fujioka... TRIPLETS!?!?! (OHSHC Story) 《On Hold》 by _Look_Behind_You_
Fujioka... TRIPLETS!?!?! (OHSHC Sora
Who would have thought that The Haruhi Fujioka would have a twin, or maybe triplets, that even The Shadow king, Kyoya Ootori, doesn't know. Meet Harumi and Haruka younge...
Different Happy Ending  by animelovegirl2
Different Happy Ending by Hailey
Haruhi and Tamaki broke up after issues in their relationship when tamaki cheats on haruhi, she was hurt and didn't trust falling in love again. After she returned to Ja...
.:Drawing Rose Petals:. (Takashi Morinozuka Love Story) {OHSHC} (HIATUS) by animecat26
.:Drawing Rose Petals:. (Takashi Reina
Sonoda Eri is an artistic 17 year old girl that soon attends the prestigious school, Ouran Academy. She gets lost on her first day there though, but soon after finds a t...
ohshc one-shots by justfortheanimelol
ohshc one-shotsby Ray Ratri