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  • The Subway
    4.6M 204K 39

    She hated riding the subway. It was cramped, smelled, and the seats were extremely uncomfortable to sit on for hours on end. Now add a group of crazy weapon wielding maniacs to the ever growing list of reasons why Gemma hated riding the subway. Gemma Conners is an eighteen year old senior and for the past two years s...

  • Velvet Skye (Updates Fridays)
    36.9K 1.1K 8

    When a friendly favor results in Ty Gibson losing his virginity to his cousin's girlfriend, Skye, the unlikely couple scramble to hide their dirty little secret before it hits Westlake High's halls. Skye is one half of the school's it couple, while Ty's a social outcast with an overbearing girlfriend to boot. While Sk...

  • The Connor's (Watty's 2018)
    450K 19K 53

    A new family has just moved in across the street, peaking everyone's interest for they're like nothing this small suburban town has ever seen. You see, the Connor's aren't a real family. As a new street drug begins to plague the halls of Belmont High, six unlikely FBI operative rejects will be sent in to save the day...

  • WANTED (The Runaways Series Book #2)
    179K 6.3K 14

    In book two of The Runaways, Hailey and Caleb's relationship is thrown into chaos when Sawyer Hughes, Hailey's brand new boss, sets out to steal her away. When a mistake kept secret between Hailey and Sawyer swims to the surface, Caleb is left questioning if he wrongly put his faith in the hands of the woman he loves...

  • Cheater. Faker. Troublemaker.
    18.4M 867K 164

    OFFICIAL AUDIOBOOK NOW PUBLISHED BY HACHETTE AUDIO/HACHETTE BOOK GROUP *WATTYS WINNER 2016 - VORACIOUS READS AWARD* #1 ACTION & FEATURED IN LIFE & STYLE, OK MAGAZINE, and THOUGHT CATALOG When a late night fight between Alex Summers and her ex goes terribly wrong, she's lucky to find the silver lining in narrowly escap...