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Katrina by SaberSimmer
Katrinaby Saber Simmer
Katrina Walf, sixteen. She had almost anything a girl her age could ever want; popularity, a good bit of money, a guy that seemed interested in her. All of that changed...
S.C.I.谜案集 Mystery Special Criminal Investigation Novel Season Two by RaniaTwaireq
S.C.I.谜案集 Mystery Special ʀᵃⁿⁱᵃ ᴛʷᵃⁱʳᵉᵠ ✢
{ Season Two.} The S.C.I. Special Crime Investigation Team was formally established. S.C.I.: Short for the Special Crime Investigation Team. It was established by the Ge...
Winter Solstice (book 2) by cc-riley
Winter Solstice (book 2)by --
It's been 4 months since Beaumont Swan was turned into a vampire at the hands of the rogue nomad James. During this time he easily adjusted to his new life and gained gr...
My Time By the River by dmckelly
My Time By the Riverby David McKelly
"I shoulda written this a year ago. Two or so. Lucky for you, I remembered our talks crystal clear and could tell the story smooth as butter. Remember I said we'd a...
Perfectly Arranged • Alejandro Rosario  by JustNobodyXO
Perfectly Arranged • Alejandro JustNobodyXO
You bump into another at your safe place, where you let out your emotions before returning to your anger filled reality. This other appears to be in the same situation a...
TWILIGHT||Imagines & Short Storie{Book 1} by Ask-Yo-Girl-About-Me
TWILIGHT||Imagines & Short Storie{ King Nate
One-Shots for the Girls and Guys Of Twilight/Twilight Reimagined|Life And Death Male/Female Oc/Reader G!P or Not (R:)-Requested one-shot/Stories {M}-Male Original Charac...
Writings of Thoughts by lalasukuna
Writings of Thoughtsby NutellaNat
Normally these are just some writings I did, I hope you all will understand deeply and will feel strong even after all these feelings and events, some are and will be in...
A death love never dies by shu_ZEN
A death love never diesby ZEN
Si Aden Nicholas ay isang hindi kilalang reporter, isa lamang ang layunin niya sa buhay at iyon ay ang makapagbalita sa telibisyon dahil iyon ang kahilingan ng kanyang y...
The Return I kth ff by Aergul_Celestia
The Return I kth ffby Aergul Celestia Darcy
Not so your usual fanfiction. To what extent, can you go for the survival? All glitter is really not gold. All of sudden when Liza had to face him, what would she do...
Jar of Hearts by IannaFalls15
Jar of Heartsby IannaFalls15
❤Follow. Your. Hearthines. Charlotte Fitzpatrick was just like any other teenage girl. She brought life to everything around her. She is the hopeless romantic. But...
Fair | ✓ SS by SrishtiTr
Fair | ✓ SSby 🕊
Candy-floss" Pihu shouted as they entered inside. "Papa, why you weren't not present at my annual function. I did a dance performance. Everyone appreciated. I...
In Loving Memory by aww-chickens
In Loving Memoryby Deirdre.
A teenager's girlfriend commits suicide, prompting her mother to send her to her school's guidance counselor, where she recalls the events leading up to her death.
Chains and Eternity by Artemis_Manla
Chains and Eternityby Artemis_Manla
Lavender was sick of the powerlessness. That's how she felt most of the time - the girl she loved, owned by another. The wars seemingly endless, pointless. The governmen...
Loving Death | COMING SOON by baddreamerxo
Loving Death | COMING SOONby 🇦 🇹 
Sapphire's Spinoff! _________________________________________ He pushes me against the wall, his large arms caging me predatorily. My breathing quickens, not from fear b...
Queen Of 2 Worlds (Under Slow Editing) by Chocolatey__Queen
Queen Of 2 Worlds (Under Slow Chocolatey Queen
Have you ever seen a dream? Has it ever turned into reality? And have you ever understood its hidden meaning? A dream is something we all see. They are full of hidden me...
Darkness Of Future  by Ejoyce03
Darkness Of Future by Ejoyce03
Minsan ka na rin ba pinapili kung saan mo gusto mapunta? Sa Past o sa Future? Si Sevaiana ay hindi naniniwala sa hula pero isang araw........ ang hula sa kanya ay nag ka...
Of Blood and Ice [COMPLETED]: Vampire Witch Romance Novella 1 by elianamrgn4
Of Blood and Ice [COMPLETED]: Eliana Morgan
Does love Live on forever? Do star-crossed lovers ever find an end to their misery? Follow Nahariel and Isda, a vampire and a witch as they discover the treachery of f...
A girl with secrets. Secrets on which the very fabric of space and time are threatened of their existence. "What she did was a crime"- is what they'd all say...
Once In Our Lives by Kokeiikrunch
Once In Our Livesby Kz
Kenzie, a girl who's suffering from depression, she always tries to take her own life. The day came when she met an eighteen-year-old man named Killian. Killian is a mis...
Unparalleled: End Game {Book 1} by waniawrites
Unparalleled: End Game {Book 1}by Wania
endgame: /ˈɛn(d)ɡeɪm/ noun: the final stage of a game when few pieces or cards remain. Karimah Mahar's biggest nightmare is coming true-literally. Earth is dying; it is...