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  • The Baby
    107K 4.1K 65

    Harry is in 5th year when something goes terribly wrong. Harry gets drunk at a 5th-year party and wakes up in bed with Draco Malfoy. He leaves before the blonde has a chance to wake up and doesn't say a word to anybody. What makes matters worse is that after a couple of weeks pregnancy signs start to show. •65 Chapter...

    Completed   Mature
  • THE RIVER - Crystal methyd x Gigi Goode (Crygi)
    9.5K 696 18

    (Lesbian au!) • A story in which a girl becomes infatuated with another girl she met at riverside

    Completed   Mature
  • You make me sane
    11.4K 587 32

    Highschool au Started 4/24/20

  • After the War
    13.8K 483 17

    a very very sweet and fluffy drarry story that happens in eighth year it will be cute! there might be angst but most will be sweet and cute characters might be ooc art is not mine! and all of the characters go to the wonderful jk rowling

  • Long Live the Kings (a Merthur story)
    39.8K 1.3K 17

    The battle is over and Morgana is dead. But Gwen is too. Magic is now allowed in Camelot and it's time for Merlin and Arthur to start a new chapter in their life.

  • A Servant's Love/ Merthur
    192K 8.6K 30

    Ending to BBC series Merlin alteration. *contains ending spoilers* What would happen to Arthur and Merlin if Arthur didn't die that day? What if someone took his place? This is the tale of two very uncertain lovers still unsure about each other, especially considering that Arthur now knows about magic. Enjoy the rea...

  • The warlock and the frog
    104K 6.1K 17

    When Merlin and Arthur decide to go on a hunting trip Arthur is turned into a frog; from then on everything goes spectacularly wrong - but the dragon has never laughed so hard in his life. Warning: merthur (I don't own Merlin) Completed!!

  • DMs (Larry Stylinson)
    580K 23.5K 33

    "Louis Tomlinson just messaged me!" Or the one in which Harry Styles is a huge fan of a singer named Louis Tomlinson and gets the opportunity to get in a group chat with him and a few other fans. That group chat quickly turns into a solo. [Cover by: @cakenjh]

  • YouTube (Larry Stylinson)✔️
    117K 5.2K 22

    (Youtuber Louis and Model Harry) "Hello Internet I am Looooooouis!" It all started when I uploaded my first video to YouTube. - "I am so happy that you agree to work with us Mr. Styles you just need to sign here." It all started when I signed my first model contract.

    Completed   Mature
  • My Pop Star || Larry au
    832K 30.8K 48

    Pop Star Louis Tomlinson just so happens to be at the bar Harry works at, he also just so happens to shag him. WARNINGS: • boyxboy content • use of marijuana • foul language • graphic images/gifs • top Louis HIGHEST RANKING IN FANFICTION: 38 cover by @Larry_smilinson

  • Complicated ✧ Larry Stylinson
    688K 28.2K 29

    au; Louis accepts a high-paying nanny job in order to help his roommate pay the bills. The only thing is that his boss, Harry, is taking time off of work and he's really attractive and it's hard to focus on a baby when there's a 6 foot tall hot man walking around the house all day. or in which Louis works for Harry...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Nerd And The Bad Boy (l.s) ✔️
    807K 38.9K 45

    Where Louis is the typical nerd, son of the local pastor and Harry is the bad boy that just can't keep his hands to himself. *completed* *under editing* *highest ranking: #1 in larrystylinson* "I was hooked the second I started reading. If you want to cry both happy and sad tears: please read this book." -jetstreambu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Eating Sex {Larry Mpreg}
    903K 38.4K 28

    Louis Tomlinson has been crunching numbers since he was 14. At 19 his family have become really afraid for his health, being underweight and weak. They admit him into a hospital for young adults that have problems. Harry Styles has been having sex three times a day since he became legal at the age of 16. 4 years later...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Surrogacy {Larry Mpreg}
    364K 18.1K 20

    Louis Tomlinson is a high maintenance and pricey Surrogate. Harry Styles is a married man trying everything in his power to make his wife's dream come true. A baby.

    Completed   Mature
  • Detention ➳ Larry
    10.2M 259K 45

    Detention is supposed to be a punishment, but for Louis and Harry, it's the start of something beautiful. Unfortunately, what starts off as a harmless love affair quickly takes a turn for the worse. Through all the stereotypes, judgments, family issues, and demons from the past, Louis and Harry struggle to stay stro...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Senator's Wife
    206 4 3

    Vanessa was a hitman. (Hitwoman?) Vanessa was the bad guy, who was very good at what she did. So when Robert Jamison, the Senator for the state of California, was up for re-election and needed something to put him out front, he decided to look Vanessa up.

  • Mondo Pastello | girlxgirl | Completed♕
    2.9M 118K 42

    She was the type to stare herself in the mirror and see someone else stare back. Someone who was free and light, being able to spread her wings like an unbound angel. She was neither chained to Heaven nor Hell. Howbeit, no matter how far she reached into the mirror, she could never step through as her ball-and-chain p...

  • En Pointe (Derek Morgan X Spencer Reid High School Ballet Dancer AU)
    18.9K 629 14

    Derek Morgan is captain of the football team, and hangs out with the popular crowd. Spencer Reid goes to the same high school, but hangs with a different crowd. Penelope Garcia is best friend to them both, and has a plan that neither were expecting. Forewarning: I suck at summaries, but I promise that this is worth...

  • tyrus oneshots
    96.3K 2.9K 24

    "You're not moving," he breathed out, not even bothering to hide his glances down at TJ's lips. The other boy noticed this, smiling slightly and bringing a hand up to cup the side of Cyrus' face. "Neither are you," he murmured back. ~ A collection of tyrus oneshots, mostly fluff with some mild angst. {All with happy e...

  • instagram l.s
    1.6M 28K 200

    !COMPLETED! 7 years of keeping it quiet. who knew hiatus and new management was the best thing that could have happened to them. book 2 -

  • I think I'm seeing double
    2.2K 162 14

    adore (Adeline Dorothy) and Danny (Daniel Anthony) Delano, twins. they share an apartment and have 2 older brothers, Frankie and Ernie. Roy and Bianca Haylock, twins. they live with Roy's 18-month old son, Max (Maxwell Antonio), and have a younger sister, Amelia who lives with their parents still. the 4 of them go...

  • I Love You🧡
    1.1K 22 6

    Brooke and Vanjie are total opposites but they find love in an unexpected place and in an unexpected way. - - - A short little Branjie fanfic🧡 I update when I can😘

  • I'll Keep You Safe
    16K 612 28

    Brooke Lynn is a 18 year old girl, with a secret Vanessa is also 18, and is the new girl. She's determined to help her new friend with her secret. #1 in Branjie!!! Thanks guys!!! 06/22/2019

  • Random Lesbian Oneshots
    3.2K 74 14

    Title Says All About This Book... 🚫Requests closed🚫

  • RPDR Short Stories
    2.3K 51 8

    Short stories that I dabble in. Send me some ideas.

  • It's not all in my head - Branjie
    442 23 1

    Aniexty had always been a problem for Brooke. One day, after a nightmare, things come crashing down. It's a good thing she has an amazing girlfriend. We see a particularly vulnerable side of Brooke and a particularly soft and caring side of Vanjie. We love a good Lesbian AU.

  • Shantay You Stay
    2.6K 96 23

    Jose never expected to be invited back to RuPaul's Drag Race. So when he got the letter, he was overjoyed. Little did he know that this second chance would not only take him much further than before, but it would also lead him to finding love in the werkroom. But what happens when one of them is eliminated? And what i...

  • The Mothertucking Groupchat
    7.3K 236 8

    Group chat with Adore, Bianca, Alyssa,Laganja, Plastique, Vanjie, Brooklyn, Alaska, Violet, Roxxxy,Detox, Trixie, Katya, Courtney and Naomi cover by: 6_Lil_Pound_Cake9

  • Branjie - Twinkle toes
    548 18 1

    This is a short Branjie fanfiction :) Every chapter is a short story on it's own, and not related to the other ones. I'll give a small intro on a 3rd person POV at the beginning of every chapter, so it'll lead you into the fic itself. But oh well, enjoy!