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  • Hell's Angel: Devil's Backbone (BK 2)
    8.6K 474 45

    Six months after stopping Wilson Fisk, new players come to town and the gang is forced to pick a side. Dani and Alison find themselves on a treacherous path where crossing the line is the new normal. But when they choose to side with a man who has lost everything, Hell's Kitchen is turned upside down. An Angel becomes...

  • Hell's Angel (BK 1)
    39.7K 1.2K 34

    Dani Dylan, a Private Investigator by day, comes to Hell's Kitchen for a fresh start. Little does she know, her past refuses to stay hidden after a local reporter, Alison Fletcher, comes to Nelson and Murdock seeking help burying hers. But when an Angel meets the Devil, light meets dark, and Hell's Kitchen will change...

  • The Second Author
    289 61 32

    Elizabeth Mayson's sister, Taylor, died in a car accident on New Year's Eve. She'd convinced her to go to a party that night, and Taylor ended up driving home alone. Now, Elizabeth is forced to live with the guilt forever. Or at least, until the pain is too much. But when what remains of her family is forced to le...

  • The Guardians of Kernsville
    338 134 50

    My name is Rebbeca Stone. When I was a girl, I saw my mother killed by something impossible. Wait, nope. That's not it. My name is Rebbeca Stone. After five years on a hellish island- Nope. That's not it either. My name is Rebbeca Stone, and I am Dark Vengeance. I was a solo hero for six years. But when crimin...

  • A Different Breed (Hawaii Five-0 Fanfic)
    243K 5.4K 45

    he held her against his chest as she trembled, blood dripping from various cuts. "it's okay," he said. "i won't ever leave you again. i promise." AU. Steve/OC. HIGHEST RANK: #1 IN HAWAIIFIVE0

  • A Different Love [BK 2] (Hawaii Five-0 Fanfic)
    35.1K 662 18

    everything was going to be different now. but still, holding her closely and looking into her eyes, he said, "i love you." and meant it. [Sequel to A Different Breed] Steve/OC. AU.

  • Can't Help Falling In Love (Forever Fanfic)
    16.7K 559 25

    Olivia moves from state to state. Being apart of the Witness Protection Program makes it impossible to settle down. But something about Dr. Henry Morgan makes her stay in New York City a little longer than she should.

  • What's Left Of Us
    581 33 14

    After the events of season 1, Lincoln recruits the help of an ex-reaper to help save his new friends. Little did they know, a third party with a bounty on her head would change everything. Bellamy/OC. OC/OC. Octavia/Lincoln.

  • A Light In The Darkness
    34 4 4

    "Standing in front of me was not a beautifully adorned bride. My eyes were fixed on a warrior. She had become a fighter. She had gone from a shy twelve year old who was embarrassed to sing a praise song in front of anyone, to an eighteen year old who would step in front of a bullet without hesitation if it meant the a...

  • Agent 15 | Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    19K 465 10

    Agent Samantha Schmidt, or more commonly known as Agent 15, was one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s top agents. That all changed when a mission went terribly wrong and an early retirement ensued. But Coulson found a way to drag her back into the agent life with one phone call, only mentioning the problem by one name: Ward. Season 1...

  • Hell's Angel: Civil War (Bk 3)
    857 58 6

    After moving to London, Alison and Chase start a new life. Dani is back in Hell's Kitchen trying to pick up the pieces that remain from her former life. But when freedom is threatened, the team is forced to reassemble to fight a new enemy no one saw coming. And this time, it's friend against friend, and what happens t...

  • Guardian (Teen Wolf FanFic)
    15.1K 569 24

    Humans think she's the niece of a cop, who's parents were tragically killed. The Argents think she's one of them. And a select few in Beacon Hills think she's a lone Luna who's a guardian of the supernatural, teaching new Betas how to control their abilities. All of it is true. But Sara will risk everything to keep he...

  • Guardian: Trust the Instinct (Bk2)
    6K 358 24

    When Lydia's scream causes Sara to shift against her will, while struggling to find where she fits in Derek's pack, and as Scott's Guardian, things between her and the Argents hit their all time peak. But when she disagrees with Derek about how to handle his Betas, more than just their relationship is at stake. Nothin...

  • Guardian: This Might Hurt (Bk 3a)
    1.9K 168 22

    4 months after learning her mother's origins, Kit is now faced with the ugly combination of love and war, when an old flame comes to town threatening to steal her heart and kill her pack. His untimely return forces Kit into a scramble to protect her pack while still helping Lydia and newly bitten Aaron. When a new sec...

  • Cape Coral
    662 54 11

    - Highest Rank #144 in Mythology - Shelley Daniels and her parents moved into a cozy beach house just down the coast from the quaint beach town for the summer, but there's something fishy about it's residents. And when a dark family secret is revealed, Shelley finds herself fighting to hold onto reality. With the help...