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  • Worse Than Death
    5 0 2

    This story explores the suicide of a high school senior, whom has to watch the repercussions of his death and what it did to his friends and family. He had the life that many would envy. His parents were rich, he had the nicest car at his school, and he was in the top five percent of his class. Needless to say, everyo...

  • Lights
    136 10 9

    The life of being a techie behind the scenes of all fabulous plays was always easy for Lyra. Of course unless guys or her mom randomly show up to make things difficult.

  • Broken (On Hold)
    2.5K 61 10

    Abused in every way possible Kat has pushed away everyone and has resorted to self harm. With depression and PTSD her nightmares are constant and reoccurring. She feels alone and trapped until Cameron comes into her life. Will she let him in and fix her or is she too broken to trust anyone? - Major editing and rewriti...