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  • Swangs/Sweet Pea x Fangs Oneshots
    7.1K 179 20

    *sobbing* y-you need a je-jello shot Highest ranks: #3 on swangs #78 on fangs #196 on sweetpea

  • get off of me! /swangs/
    43.7K 1.3K 28

    fangs Is going through tough times while his best friend sweetpea is there to help him In more ways then one.

  • ☽Harry Potter Preferences And One Shots ☽
    1.3M 21.1K 230

    A whole lot of Harry Potter Preferences and Imagines! Requests are always open, NO MUGGLES HEHE Anyway enjoy xo *currently being edited as i wrote these about three years ago* completed: 10 december, 2018

    Completed   Mature
  • Creepy pasta Boyfriend Scenarios-Done
    216K 4.1K 37

    Hello! Chemicalr0se here and I wanted to let you know that I am going to be writing a Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenario book thats will involve Jeff the Killer, Ben drowned, Homicidal Liu/Sully, Laughing Jack,Eyeless Jack,Hoodie, Maskey, Sonic.exe, Lost Silver, Glitchy Red, Ticci Toby, Dr.Smiley, The Rake, Puppeteer, and...

  • Creepypasta RP!
    7.1K 119 10

    Yolo...anyway yeah! I decided to make a Creepypasta RP! Enjoy!

  • Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios
    184K 3.5K 34

    ever wanted to date a fictional serial killer? you've come to the right place then! <3

  • CreepyPasta boyfriend Scenarios! -COMPLETED-
    1.7M 36.2K 89


    Completed   Mature
  • Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios
    181K 5.3K 19

    Hello, fellow CP lovers out there! Welcome to yet another reader insert! Wow, such originality. Much creative. I love Creepypasta as much as that guy over there, and I’ve been reading so many amazing Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios and thought, “hey, why not join this community? Why the hell not?!” In this Book, you...

  • Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios Discontinued
    130K 1.8K 31

    A couple of scenarios for when you the reader, fall in love with a creepypasta! Check it out and see if your favorite creepypasta is in it! Updates not very frequent, but you'll be in for a good laugh I promise, maybe even some refrences.

  • Creepypasta Rp
    3.3K 78 11

    Anyone is welcome in our family

  • Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios
    782K 15.5K 56

    I will be doing Slenderman Jeff BEN Hoodie Masky Toby Dark Link Rake Sonic exe. Homicidal Lui/Sully Offenderman If there are others you wanna see please tell mer2d

  • Creepypasta Roleplay!
    11.2K 274 34

    The title says it all!

  • My Love Life (Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios)
    381K 6.4K 74

    A book with your favorite Creepypasta(s), lovely encounters, and not so lovely encounters; what's not to love? Play the role as Y/n and meet Creepypastas of your interests! I also have no idea why this sounds like a commercial but as long as it got your attention! Now dive in and have fun because this is over 40 chapt...

  • Creepypasta Rp
    29.4K 682 38

    Hoi guys I had too(>y<)have fun!!!

  • Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios [COMPLETED]
    290K 4K 22

    Here is the stories for Jeff, Slender, BEN, and Eyeless jack. I will be in the story later on. I will mention other creepypastas if that's what you want. I always love suggestions and stuff so thanks!

  • Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios
    5M 72.3K 97

    Noone seems to have done this... so I thought i would :D AND these ARE mine, they're just from my Quotev account, so no i am not stealing these and you cant take them either! ANYWAY! LETS BEGIN

  • creepypasta boyfriend scenarios
    270K 4.5K 20

    This Is Basically Another Creepypasta Boyfriend Scanario I wrote when I was 12

    224K 3.7K 50

    the story of craziness, sadness and happiness starts here

  • Creepypasta Boyfriend Senarios
    295K 4.4K 49

    Title says it all! Have a relationship with your favorite creepypastas character!!!

  • Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios
    190K 2.7K 22

    Creepypasta that's all i got to say enjoy~

  • Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios.
    3.2M 43.3K 43

    Are you in love with a lot of your favorite Creepypasta characters and wonder what you love life would be like if you dated him well this story will help you.

  • Silver and Gold | HTTYD Fanfiction [Book Two] (ON HOLD)
    2.8K 167 11

    Silver and Gold | HTTYD Fanfiction [Book Two] (ON HOLD) It had been three years since the Battle of Fire and Ice. Even though Crystal's island was a distance from Berk, every villager knew about the great fight. It was just an ordinary day on Crystal's island when her village was attacked by a dragon. This drag...

  • A Man's Worth (Tuffnut x Reader) Eng. Version
    2.9K 45 2

    Tuffnut x Reader Fanfiction. Just Romance, no lemon or whatever. I'm not sure if I will ever finish this one but we will see. Maybe if someone likes it I will give it a try and find the courage to write it down. I have the entire szenario already in my head and I know how I want it to end but all I need is to continu...

  • Brave { Neville Longbottom}
    6M 430K 180

    Long before she was sorted into the Gryffindor house, Kefira Walsh was known as the "little lion" in her family. The youngest of the four Walsh girls, Kefira wasn't supposed to survive long after birth, but as she celebrates her eleventh birthday, the girl has already proven that she is a warrior. With her fearless...

  • "As Fast As A Lightning Bolt" Httyd OC Fanfiction
    15.2K 315 18

    This story takes place in How to train your dragon 1 and the series. Dusty Loughlin, a young warrior, lived in the island of her Tribe. But a storm broke out and dragons attacked their village. Dusty was luckily saved by her father but was left behind to defend the village. Dusty and her mum both were on one boat, but...

  • Opposites Attract ▪️ Tuffnut Thorson
    34.5K 834 15

    // This was written a long time ago, and I have not rewritten since, so... not my best work :) "With a twin sister, nothing was ever mine." "I'm yours." Maina Johansson is the best friend of Ruffnut Thorsson, who is the only person she considers a friend. The brunette girl with brown eyes is not what you would call a...