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  • Guttersville and Obliviousland [Spotlight Book Club-OPEN]
    10.6K 113 35

    Accepting spotlight requests now! Aimed towards mature (adult issues/content) and 18+ (erotic) stories. Well written [or well plotted/characterized] hetero and LGBTQ works in one place is the goal. All genres are accepted (including fan fiction). Check out Ch. 1: Spread Eagle for more information, Ch. 2: Crotch Cresce...

  • Helping to Unite Differences OPEN
    2.8K 386 65

    ●●OPEN FOR BUSINESS Welcome everyone! This is the HTUD, also known as Helping the Undiscovered. Are you an undiscovered writer and want to share your struggles? COME ON IN! Are you already a discovered writer and you want to check out potential stars? COME ON IN as well! We hope you all have a blessed day. ~HTUD team