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  • Butler, Master, and Mages {A Black Butler x FairyTail Crossover}
    12.9K 263 10

    While going on a mission, Lucy, Ersa, and Juvia were sucked into a portal that lead to the Black Butler world. How will the girls adapt to this new world? How will they find their way back home? Read to find out. (I don't own FairyTail or Black Butler, I just own the plot)

  • Feather Fall
    595 30 3

    Fuming in Envy, Sebastian is determined to go find his own Celestial Mage, with the help of an immortal mage who loves causing a spot of trouble. After he saves her from Minerva, Sebastian will find out exactly what makes Lucy the greatest thing to ever happen to his demonic life. Takes place after Your Highness, part...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blood Moon
    70 7 1

    Upon the Blood Moon, Claude Faustus returns to a willow tree where he met the angel that called him friend. She had not shown in many years and his heart was ready to quit the ritual of reliving all the happiest and horrific moments of his life around her. Would this finally be the fated night that the demon gets the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Can Fight Any Battle (Legolas/Hermione Love Story
    94.7K 2K 36

    Hermione Granger returns to her home in Middle-Earth after the Battle of Hogwarts only to find evil lurking at her front door. Autheil as she is known in Middle-Earth joins her long time friend Aragorn in the quest to destroy the one Ring all while catching the eye of a blond elf prince. Can the love of two elves and...

  • The God &The Witch
    20.1K 476 23

    After the death of her best friend, Hermione seeks refuge through the mirror of Erised, a magical mirror that pulls Hermione into the realm of Asgard. With the event, comes the idea that Hermione may be the one to save Loki from himself and heal his heart. Over time, Hermione discovers there's more to Loki than meets...

  • Go For Her? A Love Accident or Meant To Be?
    5.3K 131 11

    "She's a girl I never noticed until I was forced to love her" "He was a guy I never thought I would ever been interested in" The Triwizard Tournament just started! Who's gonna sing up and who's gonna stay behind for the team? A certain girl eyes on a student who would eventually join. Why does she want him now? Taking...

  • Hold Me Tight
    2.9K 93 2

    "Hold me tight and never let me go for if you let me go, I may fall apart." Hermione never knew what Ron did behind her back. She had never even been worried that he was doing something that she didn't know about. How could she have been so thick? Jasper told Alice good-bye when she ran off to Italy to find her mate...

    751 18 2


  • Dragon/Vampire Queen (Diabolik Lovers/Fairy Tail Crossover)
    3.2K 58 2

    Lucy daughter of Layla and Karlheinz. when Lucy finds out about her true identity, will she live and accept her brothers or will she live the normal life? will she accept her 6 mates? read more to find out? and yes i am wery evil? i upload when i have time Might be more crossovers coming to this book

  • Fiore School of Witch Craft And Wizardry
    3.5K 126 11

    Lucy Heartfilia: A girl with a secret that no one can no. One day she received a letter from a school. The best school in the kingdom. She has ran away from her home where her father is and joins Fiore Academy. This is a place where wizards and witches come together to learn more about magic and the fine arts. She mus...

  • FT: fanfiction (Zerlu Previously Nalu)
    25.1K 506 17

    This is my first fan fiction as a book. ______________________________________ Hi I'm Lucy. I've been on the run for a year now. My brothers left years ago. My father is a touchy topic. I would love to have that family that I lost since my mother died. I just don't trust anyone. There is a catch though. I am Zeref's...

  • The Fairies and the Host Club
    14.2K 363 17

    Lucy had been best friends with Natsu, Zeref, Sting, and Rouge since childhood. As they matured, feelings developed, competition for Lucy's heart erupted, and jealousy emerged. • What happens when Lucy receives a letter from her Uncle in Japan asking if she wants to go to her cousin's school? • Will she develop feel...

  • Titan Slayer
    1.2K 30 5

    Lucy is betrayed by those she loves. Lucy has transported to another world again. Read to find out what happens. Yes, there will be ships

  • Blue Pegasus Recruits (Fairy Tail and OHSHC)
    1.2K 75 4

    The Host Club decides to go to the Kingdom of Fiore for summer vacation. While searching for a luxurious five-star hotel, the boys (and Haruhi) stumble upon a guild known as Blue Pegasus. What will happen? SHIPS INCLUDE: Nalu Gruvia Gale Jerza Miraxus Rowen Elfgreen TamaHaru AND MORE!

  • Fear of Fangs (Fairy Tail and Vampire Knight Crossover)
    75.2K 2.2K 31

    So from the title this is a Fairy Tail and Vampire Knight Crossover Just to inform yu guys this story is not mine i just saw it in and thought hey why not write it here in wattpad and so that I myself and you guys also would have a easier time to read without internet. So all the credit goes to RavenNM...

  • lucy revenge(On Hold)
    33.1K 444 21

    After lisanna came back from the 'dead' everyone one stop talking to lucy except Wendy, mair, levy, Gegeel, Juvia, and master then natsu kick lucy out of team Nastu after that she quits fairy tail as she was leaving she saw old team mates of hers the seven deadly sins.

  • Save me (Slow Updates)
    1.2K 21 11

    We live in a world full of many secrets, Many people, and many things. I never knew that one secret can become exposed and change my whole life. He changed me but I didn't want the change to go away. He helped me when I was down and alone. He made me happy. He... saved me.

  • I like you (On Hold)
    108 3 2

    Instagram homes many things, even love

  • The Admirers List (Slow Updates)
    1.3K 29 13

    There is a rumor in seoul of a girl who helps pair up single people with their dream crush or person. The thing is no one knows who she is. Some people say she can possibly be a fairy God mother but we call her the Admirer.

  • A Celestial Mage and Battle Lovers #Wattys2017
    5.6K 171 18

    Lisanna, being Lucy's only friend, was there for her when the guild ignored her, started beating her, and when she was kicked out of Team Natsu. Lucy decides to leave the guild, but after a stowaway on a cargo ship plan fails from a storm, her celestial spirits transport her to another world to save her. She wakes up...

  • My Guardian Fairy (Shugo CharaXFairy Tail)
    6.3K 184 5

    Crossover: Shugo CharaXFairy Tail It has been a while since Team Natsu and the rest of Fairy Tail came back from Edolas, along with Lisanna and Panther Lily. Everything it's fine at first, but as the days go by, the more people are forgetting Lucy. After getting kicked out from Team Natsu, Lucy and Happy makes a wish...

  • Akatsuki no Yona X Fairy Tail
    1.4K 32 3

    So Lucy has a secret she has another power except for celestial magic she can see the future, past, and she can look near or far away, and she can run really fast, and she can time travel, and her other power will be revealed somewhere in the story. Author's Note: So that's what I got just that sorry suck at descripti...

  • Akatsuki No Yona X Fairy Tail Acadamey
    86 2 1

    There was a new student and they were Natsu, Lucy, Jellal, Erza, Lisanna, Bickslow, Wendy, Romeo, Juvia, and Gray, but there is a surprise! Juvia's Twin sister Mia was attending the school and same as Jellal's twin sister Mary, Natsu's Twin Sister Natsumi, Lucy's Twin sister Lumin and Erza's Twin sister Erla. They wer...

  • Fairy Tail X Akatsuki No Yona (Will Be Remaking Into A New Book)
    4.1K 91 8

    What if Akatsuki no Yona and Fairy Tail had a crossover. It was just a normal day in Fairy Tail until Marie (My OC) picked a job from the request board all the girls in fairy tail named Lucy, Marie, Juvia,Wendy, Erza, and the exceed namely Miranda(my oc) and Carla and what is MiraJane doing here? are transported to A...

  • Fairy Tail X Akatsuki No Yona (Remake)
    2.8K 69 4

    The girls namely Erza, Juvia, Lucy, Min, and Wendy have been dealing with their idiotic boyfriends. Until their boyfriends decided to break up with them and they felt heartbroken They had enough they quit the guild and go on a journey, as for their journey they encounter a town, and that's where they stay for awhile...

  • Diabolik lovers and fair tail
    1.4K 40 4

    Ayato and yui are now boyfriend and girlfriend but what happens when ayato cheated on yui. Yui ran away and bumped in to rose yui birth sister

  • Running away from love
    9.1K 248 17

    What if yui's father took her with him instead of letting her go to a friends house and what if Lucy's father had a year business trip and let Lucy stay with the unknown vampires she does not have the heart of cordillia(if that's how you spell it) but she still surprisingly has a sweet and unique blood but what if...

    Completed   Mature
  • Diabolik Fairy Tail
    7.5K 228 8

    Lucy Heartfilia has been living with ten vampires for countless days. The Sakamaki Brothers Ayato Kanato Laito Shu Reiji Subaru And The Mukami Brothers Ruki Kou Yuma Azusa (PLEASE ENJOY! AND ALSO KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS IS MY STORY AND I'M MAKING IT SO THAT THE SAKAMAKI BROTHERS AND THE MUKAMI BROTHERS LIVE TOGE...

  • Bloodstained Fairy
    23.1K 782 22

    Set after the Tartaros Arc ......................... The kingdom of Fiore is merely a world within in the demon dimension. Deciding it was time his six sons learned of other beings beyond human comparison, Karlheinz sends his sons and sacrificial bride to Magnolia. After the departure of Natsu and Happy, losing Aquar...

  • I can't love you (being edited)
    1.3K 59 6

    Whatever happened between Laito and Lucy? Who is Hoshino and what happened to her? Will Lucy ever learn to love again? Find out here in I can't love you.