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  • ML's Book of Wisdom
    4.3K 1K 170

    I was defeated

  • Spontaneity: The Second Installment
    230 88 15

    This is the continuing saga of what goes on in my INFP mind. Tags, rants, reviews, and the like. •Lovely cover done by the amazing @elenrith

  • Athena Project [ M*A*S*H ]
    9.9K 577 34

    A M*A*S*H FANFIC | Korean War Historical Fiction When Major Nellie O'Hara landed in the Republic of Korea, she didn't know exactly what to expect. Being one of five surgeons in a classified military experiment called the Athena Project, she only knew she'd face the discrimination of her gender. After all, in the State...

  • Escape from Nimbus
    78 14 6

    This is a short story about a girl and her friends who must escape from a place called Nimbus.

  • The Rebellion's Ashes | Book One | End of an Empire
    9.4K 1.3K 65

    Born into a civil war that has torn her country apart for twenty years, Rowan Emerson fights to maintain the fragile peace that's kept the North American Empire from ruin. As the youngest Imperial General in history and the daughter of the Emperor, Rowan is hard pressed to stifle an unexpected rebel invasion before t...

  • Sierra
    657 147 12

    An illegal package delivery. A police android. An underground labyrinth. In the year 2179, in the city of Anima, Sierra is a runner, a courier of illegal goods. Chased by one of the cities infamous police androids, Sierra attempts to lose it in the labyrinth of tunnels underneath the city. Now trapped beneath the c...

  • A Different Virus: Heartfire
    5.6M 348K 200

    In the future, everyone who's bitten by a zombie turns into one... until Diane doesn't. Seven days later, she's facing consequences she never imagined. * * * * * As civilization collapses under a relentless wave of zombies, Diane and her friends tak...

  • Buddy
    65 7 3

    A young farm girl named Rily is heart broken when her only friend, Buddy, a Tibetan Mastiff, dies one night. However, the dog somehow comes back to life the next morning, surprising both Rily and her father. Buddy always seems to know when and where something bad will happen to Rily and is always there at the right ti...

  • League of (Cool Supers) - Character Information
    4.5K 516 52

    Information about the characters in the League's new (yet to be released) comic series.

  • Girl's Guide 🌼
    57.5K 4.9K 152

    💎 Lifestyle advice 💎 How-tos 💎 Beauty tips 💎 Mental health advice 💎 Self-care advice

  • Red as Blood || A Snow White Retelling
    29.1K 2.3K 19

    FCRAs Runner-Up! Take a step back from the Snow White tale you know. Step back to get a better look. Skin pale as snow. Hair black as ebony. Lips red as blood. What does that sound like to you, dear reader? A creature of the dark. One that lives in the shadows, that cowers at the bright glow of the sun, that lives...

  • Elf-Beast
    7 1 5

    199 years ago Prince Rowan was cursed to change into a beast. He's been given 200 years to learn to love and be loved in return before the curse becomes set and he remains a beast forever: day and night. By the decree if his father Rowan is forced to endure the presence of a human woman recently come of age in a despe...

  • Randomness
    420 29 17

    This is a story that I put all my weird thoughts and stuff. If anybody wants to make a cover for this feel free!

  • Spandex Is Mandatory
    575K 41.5K 40

    "Great power comes with great..." I raised my eyebrows at Guardian, looking his skin-tight suit up and down. "Urges to wear spandex, apparently." "Are you using altered famous superhero comic book references to insult me?" he asked incredulously. I snorted. "You bet your fucking ass, I am." ***** Tessa Kingston has li...

  • Macalatrix
    149 36 15

    I spent my whole life running from Destiny. Now it's my only hope for escape... and survival.

  • Book of Amusement
    48 6 5

    Literally my boredom book, was bored when I wrote it and I'm bored now. I wrote this based off of a series of different times role playing with my best friend, @OneLovelyHuman! (So basically, you're never going to know what's going to happen.) Prepare yourself for the worst book you'll ever read!

  • Heartless
    46 4 1

    Just a one-shot I did for a prompt! :D

  • Vitakinesis | The Kinesis Serums: Book 1 | ✔
    4K 818 61

    Fantasy • Adventure • Young Adult Meryn lives happily in Civitas, an isolated village ruled by four Elders. After being chosen to be the wife of an Elder's son, she looks forward to living a comfortable life with her family. However, Meryn and her brother Dominick have been keeping a secret from their parents - their...

  • Writing POC 101
    418K 22.6K 87

    An advice book on how to successfully write POC characters by Wattpad authors. [Highest rank: #1 in Non-Fiction]

  • My Name Is : Volume 2 [COMPLETED]
    499 62 29

    After making friends and Justin figuring out some things and his dad coming back to church. Justin is now faced with more struggles. Now that he knows he absolutely needs God, the devil isn't going to go easy on him. Justin must keep his faith and trust in God if he's going to make it throughout the school year. But...

  • My Name Is...[COMPLETED]
    2K 286 38

    Justin, a 17 year old teen, had one of the best lives it seems. Everything went well last year, and over the summer. But now, what has happened? "Why has this happened?" "Sometimes I wonder if you even exist." His friends may be experiencing the same fate he is. What will happen? Can Justin save his faith? Or will...

  • I'm In Need Of Your Help
    91 18 7

    A school girl in need of wattpaders help.

  • My Cinderella Story
    123 14 8

    Angel is a Cinderella in disguise and she hides it well with popularity. She gets abused and does all of her families chores. But when she finds some interesting papers about her past,she goes to her mom and Mama spills everything. What will she do?

  • How to Draw Manga
    65.3K 1.8K 35

    Hey guys! Alright, I'm not very good at drawing but I know some basic tips and tricks on how to draw Manga and make it easier for you. So if you're into drawing, read this to learn more.

  • Living To Die. But Dieing To Live.
    3.7K 311 48

    My life with a terminal Lung disease, a rare vascular malformation and deafness trying to balance my illness along with work, school and just living life this is my true story. Its realistic its not always happy or sad.

  • One Shots Book
    76 10 4

    Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror/thriller, Action/Adventure and more! All these are in one book, a mix of short stories. Please enjoy! Also, if you have any requests please ask me.

  • Emily's Quest (1927)
    12.7K 503 27

    Book 3 of Emily Starr trilogy *This story belongs to Lucy Maud Montgomery. I don't own anything.

  • Emily Climbs (1925)
    13.5K 537 25

    Book 2 of Emily Starr trilogy *This story belongs to Lucy Maud Montgomery. I don't own anything.