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  • Parallel Lines | Ethan Dolan (book 1)
    207K 8.3K 42

    "We are like parallel lines: always close, never together." Book 1. In which two completely different people always seem to end up finding a way towards each other, but are they meant to have a future together? How can you look into the eyes of the exact opposite of you and find the thing that connects you two? When...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wedding Planner | g.d
    195K 7.9K 34

    In which Selena is a wedding planner who ends up planning the wedding of the love of her life who left her without a reason. note: i wrote this book before improving my writing

    Completed   Mature
  • ridiculous ❥ e.d.
    1K 39 7

    in which a girl chooses the wrong path, and risks losing the person who matters to her the most. - "please don't be mad." "what is going on? what am i going to be mad about-oh my god. what the hell did he do?! how did this happen?" "isn't it obvious?" - "yaz?" "yeah?" "who was the girl?" i knew he was going to ask m...

  • 2am calls ; lrh
    89.6K 2.1K 41

    "He always calls me around 2am." "Do you pick up?" "Yes." "Do you know him?" "No." Where a girl gets called by an unknown number around 2am almost every night. © 2018 all rights reserved energeticmarais HIGHEST RANKING #1 in #irwin #3 in #ashton #4 in #michael #6 in #clifford #9 in #hemmings #10 in #ashtonirwin #2 in...

    5.5K 168 11

    "You always come in here and write in that journal." Grayson startled her. "It's my bucketlist." She responded. "What I want to do before I die."

  • metamorphosis | g.d
    24.9K 924 18

    metamorphosis (n.) - a change of the form of nature of a thing or person into a completely different one in a which a girl is in love with a boy she has known her whole life, but he begins changing and making life altering decisions. highest ranking: #1 in clique