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  • email ㅡsehun
    248K 19.1K 47

    a secret admirer who always send her crush bunch of emails everyday. +lowercase intended copyright 2016 by citra ©ssehuni

  • cold | oh sehun
    358K 14.2K 61

    'she was interesting and he was interested'

  • Anterograde Tomorrow (sequel)
    28.7K 1.5K 7

    A small sequel to the well known fanfiction, Anterograde tomorrow [ NOTE: I'm not the original author of the original Anterograde Tomorrow ]

  • white |
    306K 17.3K 38

    in which she plans to spoil him but ends up catching feelings instead. |byun baekhyun|

  • wolf ↠ kyungsoo
    67.1K 3K 22

    everyone can be a wolf. [exo series #4] ©chogiwae

  • scarf ⇸ dks.
    111K 8.9K 38

    in which a girl frequently visits a coffee house just to hear the cute guy sing. started; [05/29/16] completed; [06/15/16] ⇸ lowercase intended ⇸ plot and original characters copyright to @mai-eo

  • the beagle line » exo
    30.8K 2K 9

    what if the three beagle puppies you adopted happened to transform into troublesome (but hot) humans?

  • Hidden (EXO Fanfic)
    225K 4.2K 28

    You were Kim Joonmyun’s girlfriend back in high school and you guys were madly in love. What happens if you become pregnant with his child and gets forced by his company to leave his life for the sake of his dreams. Of course you’d do anything for him to achieve his goals, but what if it comes back and haunt you? You’...

  • Dream University (EXO Fanfic)
    4M 127K 104

    Eun Hee and Jong-in are step-siblings that grew up together. Almost one couldn't do anything without the other. But after years, their sweet and candy-like relationship will soon shatter as their parents separate. They promise to meet once more in their dream campus, Yonsei University. In a matter of years, they fin...

  • Can You Hear Me ― Kim Jongin
    314K 19.4K 44

    She's mute and all she dreams is for someone to hear her cries. Him on the other hand, blocks out everything and refuses to listen to others. [#3 of the EXO series]

  • ✔ AOAM2: If He Had Been With Me (EXO Chanyeol FF)
    163K 5.7K 34

    {OVERWEIGHT series #1//Book2 : Sequel of AOAM} In book 1, the story ended with Eunbyul leaving to New York with Kyungsoo to find her brother, Jaerim. Chanyeol regretted her leaving, and now he want her back with him. ... "Everything will not be in this state if he had been with me." Eunbyul is back with her brother...

  • A Guy Who Changed A Girl: EXO FanFic (COMPLETE)
    1.8M 35.5K 63

    My name's Ara and I hate girly stuff. I've been raised by my big brother as a boy that's why I became boyish. But then I met him. I hate his guts. I despise him. This guy named Kai. And that's when things started to change... Including myself.

  • [ #2 ] goodbye, my devil
    6.9K 1K 38

    mei lost yixing, kyungsoo earned mei. mei wants yixing, kyungsoo needs mei. in which a troublemaker turned good girl recieves letters from her inner devil. [ 'sequel' to hello, my angel, d.o/lay fanfiction / a tarofluff original / #2 of the letters series ]

    Completed   Mature
  • [ #1 ] hello, my angel | yixing
    3.7K 559 14

    in which a troublemaker sends letters to her angel to stay the fuck away and let her misbehave. [ zhang yixing fanfiction / lowecase intended / a tarofluff original / #1 in the letters series ]

    Completed   Mature