Dream University (E...
By KimchiiDesu
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Eun Hee and Jong-in are step-siblings that grew up together. Almost one couldn't do anything without the other. But after years, their sweet and candy-like relationship will soon shatter as their parents separate. They promise to meet once more in their dream campus, Yonsei University. In a matter of years, they finally meet. But this time, it seems that Jong-in has started to treat her like a complete stranger! Just what did Eun Hee do to make him hate her so much? Will she succeed in fixing their lovey sibling relationship, or will she start falling madly in love with him? Watch as she encounters lots of surprises in her college life. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © KimchiiDesu Please do not plagiarize or copy the same story line. I accept full criticism of any sort. Don't forget to vote, comment and follow! :)

Dream University (EXO Fanfic)

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Dream Uni...
by KimchiiDesu