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  • 00:00 ✓
    5.1M 384K 63

    At 00:00, Cinderella ran away from her prince, leaving a glass slipper on the marbled steps of the grand staircase. At 00:00, I ran away from him. Unlike Cinderella, I didn't leave a single thing behind. © sonderingly

  • 1.2 | Breakup Formula | ONGOING
    7.2M 177K 18

    Certified-heartbreaker Joey Addison doesn't know how to get over his heartbreak. But then he meets certified-heartbroken Kira Greene, who has the breakup formula - a solution that cures all heartbreaks. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2014 by Noelle N.

  • Misery On Shuffle
    6.4K 345 2

    「 bite-sized pieces of sorrow 」 悲伤的曲调 Misery On Shuffle is a collection of short stories inspired by sorrowful tunes, melancholy melodies and forlorn ballads. Each chapter features a different song, a different perspective, a different kind of heartbreak.

  • the stars
    135K 10.4K 11

    gus; [noun] 1. the only boy who likes the stars © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 2014. N. A.

  • When We Bloom
    1.3K 239 12

    Keiji is a mess, because Ada is lying in a hospital bed and he can't do anything about it except talk to a dusty tape recorder.

  • shades of blue
    2M 141K 68

    Charlie doesn't speak, so he paints.