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  • Girl Apocalypse
    349K 11.9K 22

    My name is Molly, and I am a walking apocalypse. Death on two legs. Life on the streets of Cheshire makes you hard, but it never prepared me for this. It all started when I stole something, nothing more than a pretty trinket that caught my eye (I didn't say I was honest). Later I find out it's a carrier of black magic...

  • Solswept
    233 27 2

    "Solswept" is an upcoming atompunk series, co-authored with my husband, Max Gonzalez. Set in the retro-future universe of the "Family Of Earth" series (three decades after the climactic hijacking of the infamous Ruby lift in "Ruby Descent"), this saga follows the adventures of a rebellious group of teens from Mars who...

  • Titan X
    61.1K 4.2K 79

    Sarah Lawson stopped aging. The Titan X program wants an exchange: the immortal serum she took for her husband's life. ***** Sarah Lawson was enslaved by the government because she didn't age after turning 29. Put to work on a space station, she esc...

  • Edgewise
    370K 33.4K 54

    ***Winner of the Wattys 2016 for Hidden Gems*** The Edgewise exists everywhere and nowhere. A sanctuary to all realms, should you find the door. Managed by one Macklemore Edgewise, proprietor, guardian of the between places, and barman of mystery. If the tavern accepts you, abide by the rules. 1. Leave all confl...