Human Code
By LittleVee
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WATTYS 2020 WINNER!! ⭐ Javier Morales is an android who only wished to be accepted in death as he was in life, but when rogue androids kidnap his sister and destroy the city, he must put himself last to save what matters most. *** Bionics Pharmaceuticals has an Android for every need and desire. Whether a household requires a maid, a nanny, or a couple lusting for that 'third' spark, Bionics would create it. Without question. So, on July 3rd, 2016, when Javier Morales dies in a car crash, his parents request the unfathomable: recreate their son. In the beginning, it was wonderful. A cyborg specially crafted for their family, fully equipped with what remained of his memories, Javier was just what they needed to deal with their grief. But reality sets in, and when his body doesn't age, they move on. And now, to his family, he's a memory. And to the rest world, he shouldn't exist. For Javi, it was life. And he came to terms with his fate. Until rogue androids start attacking other androids and civilians. And kidnap his kid sister. In order to save her and everyone else, he has to dig into his core to regain control of his mind and body. But does he have enough heart to regain his soul? * Currently: completed. 🔴 AUGUST 2021 EDITOR'S PICK ⇢Awards 🔴 WATTYS 2020 WINNER - Science Fiction 🔴 1st Place, Science Fiction - Punk Rock Awards 2020 🔴 1st Place, Science Fiction - The Golden Awards 🔴 1st Place, Science Fiction - The Butterfly Awards 🔴 1st Place, Science Fiction - WinterRose Awards 🔴 2nd Place, Science Fiction - The Creative Awards 2019 ⇢Rankings: 🔴 #1 in Nanowrimo2019 - 11/1/19 🔴 #5 in Cyberpunk - 12/06/20 🔴 #1 in Robots - 3/23/21 🔴 #6 in Androids - 3/30/21 *** ❝You know what's the worst thing about being alive? Being reminded that you shouldn't be."

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Human Code
by LittleVee