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  • Stamina Rune.
    30.9K 582 1

    It's Magnus and Alec's Anniversary and Alec has some some special plans for Magnus. What has he got planned and what does this shadowhunter have up his sleeve or more like on his chest? *WARNING: Smut - BoyXBoy- Malec!*

    Completed   Mature
  • Coming Home (Malec fanfic)
    48.9K 1K 11

    He signed the paper and even in his drunk state he could see the outline of the word 'Lightwood' written on the paper. Sebastian gave an evil chuckle and twisted the ring around his finger enveloping them both in darkness. ~~~***~~~ Alec is kept slave and prisoner under Sebastian's watch being 'disciplined' to do...

  • The Stars of Our Love [ Wattys 2017]
    12.6K 453 13

    Magnus tried. He tried to forgive Alec for his wrong doings. But after living for so long amongst the vile creatures of the world, what little compassion he had for humans and their tendency to make mistakes left altogether. Alec tried. He tried to keep it together for himself, for his family. For Magnus. But after g...

  • Somebody Like You (Malec)
    194K 6.3K 42

    What if Magnus met Alec before the party. Would their relationship last or would they burn out?

  • Who dares disturb Magnus Bane, high warlock of Brooklyn?!
    989K 30.9K 28

    Maaaalec babes!! I ship it hard so I decided to write a story about it.

  • The Nephilim's Heart (MALEC) (Completed)
    113K 4.7K 22

    Dark, cold, and alone. Alec can't remember anything when he wakes up chained in stone room. Three figures step out of the darkness and two of them have knives... With an odd romance story, violence, and mystery. This is a story that... Well you have to read it. (There's a sequel to this story called The Demon's Eye...

  • A Mortal Instruments Alphabet.
    32.3K 1.2K 41

    I wanted to write a fanfiction for the Mortal Instruments so I thought why not do a Mortal Instruments alphabet. I hope you guys will enjoy it. I do not own any of these characters or this book. All the rights go to Cassandra Clare.

  • MALEC One Shots
    41.6K 983 14

    One shots about everyone's favorite free willing bisexual warlock and 18 year old Shadowhunter with Stamina rune. Some of the ideas are mine and others belong to things I've found on tumblr or somewhere else on the Internet.