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  • Full Moon Eyeless Jack x Reader [DISCONTINUED]
    4.2K 158 11

    Let's get this straight, I was never born a Full werewolf. In fact I wasn't even born as a werewolf. I was a human. Listen I WAS a human. Not anymore. Everything changed when I got into that STUPID SPELL BOOK, and life can't get any worse right? Wrong! Word of advice kids, Don't mess around with magic or you'll...

  • Ticci Toby x Reader
    250K 7K 19

    You are in love, with Ticci Toby. The same boy who murdered your family. Are you really in love, or just crazy.

  • Hoodie x Reader
    489K 16K 48

    You, the Reader, is a transfer student from Ohio. During your time in your new location, you find yourself involved with the unknown. P.s. this book was written when I was 11, and currently revising the book. Also, Check out my other books: Ben Drowned x Reader:

    Completed   Mature
  • EJ X Reader
    82.3K 1.9K 22

    An eyeless killer on the loose. Y/N guessed it was just some stupid prank, but in the back of her mind she wants it to be real. Y/N's friends try to tell her that it's a creepypasta and that he was one of the guys who took a girl from their school. The missing girl was a shy, geeky, punk girl who hated the school anyw...

    1.7M 49.3K 178

    Hello creeps! Who's your boyfriend? Who's your partner in crime? Find out in this book! Requests are taken but may take time Highest Rank: #3 In Random, #3 in Silver, #1 Maskyandhoodie

  • CreepyPasta X Werewolf!Reader - Vexation
    129K 3.5K 16

    You, a half human, half werewolf, are not what you would expect of a werewolf. When you get bored of your once, horrible and easy life, you have a bit of 'over-exaggerated' fun with some very weird 'people'. In a turn of events, you end up befriending them, experiencing things you never felt or seen. However, your pas...

  • Ghosts (Creepy pasta x reader)
    426K 11.2K 30

    Y/n L/n...On the outside she looks like a normal girl, but if you thought that you would be wrong. You see, Y/n L/n could see ghosts. Because of this her parents abandoned her at a very young age and was taken into an orphanage...Not an ordinary one I might add. She was terrified of what she could see, very slowly get...

  • Homicidal Liu x reader
    388K 14.3K 97

    "You, it can't be true. You're alive?" she paused. "How can this be true, you died. Everyone died that day! You can't be alive" The boy just looked at her with no emotions, his eyes grazing over hers. "Believe it, I'm alive and well. Just tell me where he is" She took a step back and whispered to herself, "You can'...

  • Painted Wrists; A Bloody Painter X Reader Story
    79.8K 3.4K 16

    Completed   Mature
  • A killer's lover (ticci toby x reader) [Continue?]
    83.7K 2K 24

    Your a 17 year old girl with low hopes for the future. Your parents were killed when you were 6. You have an abusive, drunk as your adopted father. Will Toby be your saving grace?

  • That Girl (Creepypasta X Reader)
    91.7K 2.3K 18

    "That girl has no life." "That girl has no reason to live." "That girl does not belong here." "That girl should kill herself, I mean like we can come up with a plan heehee." That girl was you. 16 year old (Y/N) (L/N) has been avoided many years because of an incident. Nobody wants to be her friend and everyone hated...

  • Loving Ticci Toby x Reader Secretly being a Werewolf (Discontinued)
    24.9K 877 16

    This is a story of Ticci Toby who fell in love on a rainy night. And the reader soons falls in love with him to.