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  • All Author Game Entries
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    Hi, I've been in a lot of 'Author Games' style competitions, so here's a compilation of all of my entries! Hope you enjoy!

  • The Starving Artist: Hunger Games 2015
    19.1K 1.2K 98

    Authors, prep your weapons. Spectators prepare for an epic battle between titans of the writing field. The S.A. Games- 1st Edition is here! 24 of you will be thrown into a deadly arena where you have to write your way out. Create a character, make allies and sworn enemies, kill or be killed. Only the most elite of wr...

  • The Imagination Machine
    4K 310 22

    Courtney Galloway is a teen genius, capable of more than she's given credit for. She spends most of her time in her makeshift lab, tinkering with experiments. Rudy is her sarcastic seven-year-old brother, with the ability to bring out the worst in Courtney. That is, until she gives him a gift allowing him to travel to...

  • Prodigy (Complete)
    3.7M 100K 62

    The greatest tragedy the world has ever known turned out to be the ultimate catalyst for change. In the wake of World War III, which decimated most of the world's population, the remaining survivors vowed to not continue to repeat the same mistakes of the past. Fortunately, they had something previous generations did...

  • Iron & Wine
    656K 9.9K 35

    Iron & Wine is a Paranormal Romance set in a world full of hidden magical places and secret societies cloaked by modern day. In the first instalment of the Iron World Series, young artist Avery Quinn reluctantly leaves behind her quiet and comfortable home in the country and moves to the city with her best friend Jul...

  • Little Brother
    670K 8.8K 29

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER -- Marcus, a.k.a “w1n5t0n,” is only seventeen years old, but he figures he already knows how the system works–and how to work the system. Smart, fast, and wise to the ways of the networked world, he has no trouble outwitting his high school’s intrusive but clumsy surveillance systems. But his...