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  • Roommates
    12 1 3

    Yet another story inspired by Veddie. Twitter: BasicallyIndian He's cool ^~^

  • Dark Age Adventures
    51 7 3

    A special fantasy project, set in medieval times. Includes magic, romance and action.

  • High School Slice
    8 2 1

    A deceitfully simple story about an obviously basic person going to a Highschool.

  • The Long Road
    16 2 1

    A short and unpolished piece of text written with no clear purpose.

  • Driver's License
    21 2 1

    A short story I made to try out a new writing style.

  • Ollie/Jase
    40 1 1

    A project i'm working on, nothing too serious. Just a couple, going trough life and its changes. This story includes sexual tension and may not be suited for everyone. The discretion of the reader is adviced.

  • Saving Clary
    62 2 1

    OK! So, this is my first fanfic (hi!) and it's about saving Clary Fairchild after she goes missing PS: This is after Heavenly Fire :) Enjoy reading! -Kamryn