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  • Project Siren
    470 69 4

    The oblivion is set. The voice of a new nation is here. The revival of the dead voices have arised.... And, the game has just begun. Project Siren... ... Begins now.

  • Tower Of Cards
    255 34 2

    Desire is the greatest driving force of all human beings. It is the only thing that keeps them going... But desires are always meant to be crushed by those who have everything because of luck. The world is just that unfair. Isn't it? But hey! I'll let you in on a little secret. What if I told you that all of that cou...

  • Angler Graphics
    2.4K 345 9

    An overly embellished compilation of craphic entries from various contests and whatnot. I don't take requests because... meh, iLazy. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the resources used. All credits go to the rightful content creators.

  • Flicker Graphic Shop
    6.4K 786 14

    Flicker - 2016 Batch 1 - Closed~ » covers » coversets » icons » banners/headers

  • Juliet
    385 71 4

    Juliet /n/ 1: the sentimental epitome of a daydreamer in the darkest of her days. 2: a mourning for euphoria indulge in nostalgia. Beautiful cover by the talented KrungRi_Gizibe