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  • Amnesia (Anime Story)
    26.8K 757 25

    REN. "I like you, Mizuku." It was just a short sentece. What was I afraid of again? My world which seemed so huge before, was it always this small? How can a single incident change that day so much? MIZUKU. It looked so pretty but it was actually rotten already. My world world which looked so colorful before, was it...

  • :{My Love For You Will Never End}:~:{Anime Story}:
    1.7K 85 6

    Haruka Shitomi and Keita Otoshi made a promise on Haruka's 5th birthday, "I promise, that my love for you will never end.."

  • Lucky im in love with my Best friend
    4.7K 60 13

    Its about how a girl fell in love with her best friend . Or perhaps the boy fell in love with her first.

  • Trusting You
    39 5 3

    She changed, he changed. She left, he stayed. Things could never go back to the way they were no matter how hard she tried. Actually as far as he was concerned, he hated her. Mix in a lil' bit of love and jealousy you get one hell of a rollercoaster. Wanna ride? Yukino more commonly known as Yuki is a quirky 16 year o...

  • It all started with a Dare
    17.9K 687 39

    It all started with a simple game of Truth or Dare.... Meet Claire you're not so pretty and popular girl whose been behind the shadow of her BFF Bianca the pretty and popular, and here comes jake, (read the story)

  • I love my Nerd Friend
    43 7 3

    A story of nerd and hilarious girl and got beaten by a handsome boy. A friend of her used to help her all the time. He is actually falling inlove to her. So, he storied the life of the girl. Is the girl falling inlove to him or with the other him?

  • The Life of a Delinquent
    121 11 3

    After being beaten half to death, he gets rescued by the same girl he ends up falling for, but its's impossible for him to tell her, and she's just about as oblivious as a rock! Follow Kurai journey through his Delinquent life, saving the girl of his dreams from the Mafia, helping his new Best Friend with his love lif...

  • The girl with cat ears
    879 40 3

    Aylin Evans was just a normal teenage girl with a hope to be noticed and an extreme thirst of a popular boy band know as "CometCharmers" despite her mother saying she's completely nuts. However, Aylin has always just watched the boys from afar either on television, or simply hearing their music rock the radios. Now, s...

  • Part of your world
    210 5 2

    Okay so this is a story me and my friend made up for a class project It's about a guy from the manga world who comes out of the manga book into the Real world and meeting a girl and falling in love

  • Me and My Senpai
    107 1 2

    After moving to Japan, a young girl struggles making friends. Needing something to cheer her up, she visits a local zoo. However, a few of the animals break loose; and the girl finds herself chasing after one in particular. One adorible beast that made her smile. There's more to this animal than anyone realizes. Now l...

  • The Perv and The Nerd: Wish Come True
    133K 5.5K 64

    Melody Jade Winterson She was always the quiet loner in high school, known by her innocence and brains; she was clearly the school's typical Nerd. Now, she has taken a few steps out of the life of a student and is now a flourishing Epidemiologist. Christopher Jay Calderson Or most commonly known as 'Chris', has been t...

  • Love through the Years:An Anime love story
    287 1 5

    This book May Be In Only One POV. So Please dont fret. I Hope You Enjoy this.. Summary: Mioka is a student at Zeiya High. She just transferred, and Trauma enters her Life. Her Family was given a Note that Says "One by one you go, One By One, One survives." Shes bullied for Being Lesbian In School She has a crush In...

  • My anime love story
    2.1K 55 4

    I'm a 13 year old highschool girl who likes anime and has a major crush on my senpai who is 15 years old. He loves anime too. Please read my story if you're interested.

    Completed   Mature
  • We are together forever {Anime love story ❤️}
    2.4K 45 10

    the main character is Jack and Sarah Brookstone.

  • MY LOVE STORY WITH A BAD BOY! ( anime love story)
    128K 2.4K 22

    This story is all about love, romance , jealousy and many more...

  • The lost Voice ~An anime Love story~❤ (Under Editing)
    5.8K 143 17

    A young Neko girl Faces the Death of her mother and the neglect of her father. While trying to hide her "Ungrateful ears and tail" She runs into new friends that helps her find out what was her purpose along the way while Finding out new thing along the way. WARNING: Disclaimers:I DO NOT OWN ANY MUSIC OR PICTURES IN T...

  • Im your stalker (Anime love story)
    23.5K 618 9

    Boris is stalking a lot of people but he sees a new girl in town and stalks her a lot and he finds out that he wants her.

  • Never Forget Me
    109 10 3

    This Story is about two people leaving each other and they both promise Never Forget Me! Hope you enjoy!

  • Girl Gamer meets Mr. Popular
    185K 6.3K 47

    || Not a fan fiction || Ongoing || A tsundere girl gamer collides her world with the most popular boy in school.

  • Ms. Dense & Mr. Popular
    42.7K 1.5K 10

    What happens if Mr. Popular falls inlove with Ms. Dense? Yuuki Samuro ( Ms. Dense ), a childhood friend of Reizo Diitsu ( Mr. Popular ). Reizo has always been inlove with Yuuki, but she doesen't feel the same way. Even if he gets all the girls' attention, his heart only belonged to one special girl. Yuuki, in the o...

  • Only You
    12.6K 585 9

    Rika always hangs out with boys but she thinks nothing of it, they are all best friends despite all of them being so different to each other. Rika doesnt get along with girls and well, hates them.Rika is actually pretty popular herself but doesnt really care about anything except her best friends. However, they all c...

  • Otaku's High School Life
    7.8K 269 7

    Hey hey heyy >> please read the last bit of the description! It's up to date thanks My name is Ani (not giving you my real name of course ;) For those interested this is like a 'Life of a Otaku' themed story based on me After this summer I'll be entering my first year in high school Grade 9 Fresh(wo)man I'm a huge fan...

  • Total Opposites
    1.7K 99 2

    Satsuki is a girl who always puts on airs and acts like a tomboy in front of her friends and in school, but when she is out of school she is the complete opposite! She is completely girly and loves romance! But she has already fallen in love with one of her friends at school, but she is too afraid to let him see what...

  • I Fell In Love With An Otaku
    6.4K 307 4

    Himeko is an otaku and she doesnt hide it, she plays games everywhere. Shes pretty so is naturally popular but no one can approach her because of her scary aura when she plays games. One guy gathers up the courage to talk to her but...

  • Unseen spirit
    679 35 1

    The day i transfered i met the girl i fell in love with...we spent time together and had loads of fun.i gathered up the courage and confessed to her.she cried and dissapeared from my life.

  • The Girl With Her Head in the Clouds (1
    266 7 1

    A girl named Luna Lockheart has moved into a new neighborhood and when she see's two cute boys at school, things start getting wacky. This story takes place before Jeff went insane. A Jeff x Luna x Liu fanfic. Enjoy!