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  • All the Best People Are | ✓
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    ❝Her world was a mess, so she lost herself in a wonderland of madness.❞ The greatest happiness in life is to love and to be loved in return. To feel the warmth of hugs, to know there's always someone out there who will protect you from the darkness that lurks in the world around you. But to Skott Everly, a girl as lo...

  • Through The Dark | √
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    I didn't want to get coffee with Todd. That was me and Tanner's thing. Coffee. Hot or cold. I didn't want to do this without him. ▬▬▬▬▬ A grande latte. Extra Hot. Extra foam. That was all I wanted right now. But I couldn't do this without her ▬▬▬▬▬ All rights​ reserved© Lola.

  • Whisper of Silence |✓
    35.3K 4K 100

    Trapped. Surrounded on all sides by an overpowering barrier visible only to you. A barrier consisting of your thoughts, your dreams, your hopes, separating you from the rest of the world. Thoughts struggling to escape, the memories vivid in your head. You're trying to push back the flood of emotion, trying to break d...

  • Better Left Unsaid |✓
    40.6K 4.9K 100

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of sides to a story, the number of words to make up a description or even the number of thoughts needed to execute an idea? Have you ever had the fear of judgement, or been haunted by the thought of speaking your mind, yet still have the urge to sing at the top of your lung...

  • Ember
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    🌺💕hey guys 💕🌺 this is my first poem on wattpad, and my first attempt i ever share my writings. my poem is too short but it describes painful memories that she always blames herself of having them. please vote if you like it and tell me what you think about it. i do appreciate your readings and thank you so much...

  • coffee stains
    63.4K 6.9K 139

    a kaleidoscopic look at a life full of ups and downs, laid out in a poetic form. // highest rank: #4 in poetry // // other works include; l i t t l e n o t e s, highest rank: #1 in poetry and JESSICA // *cover by @flawed_stars_

  • Poems for No One
    903K 171K 173

    #1 for 228 CONSECUTIVE DAYS in Poetry from December 4, 2016 to July 20, 2017 and another 145 CONSECUTIVE DAYS at #1 from January 8 to June 1, 2018

  • Mask Off (#2)
    12K 786 149

    "Every face wears a mask" Enjoy the pain! Begun: September 2017 Finished: July 2019 Highest Rank #66 in Poetry

  • Silent Feelings
    102K 4.6K 90

    Highest rank: #8 "Hurt me and I'll bleed words."-En These are poems about life and love and pain. I can't say some thoughts in my head so I write it instead. No one really cares about other people's feelings unless it turns into something beautiful, like art where others can relate and can feel the pain as the writer...

  • Cryptic
    202 47 8

    A book of late night shambolic thoughts scribbled and woven into artful words and posted into the great walls of the dark chaotic world. Some may look odd but they are politically and socially relevant. That is, #IfYouGetMyDrift

  • l i t t l e n o t e s
    259K 20.9K 197

    when life gets me down, i write // highest ranking: #1 in poetry #2 in hot poetry

  • Different Tones
    4.5K 752 122

    Welcome to Different Tones! In this book you'll be taken on a journey through different topics as I give you a creative take on how I view things. During this process you'll feel love and many other real emotions as I pour out my heart. I hope you enjoy and care to critique my craft as you weave through my different t...

  • Stolen Thoughts
    729 195 20

    When you have troubles, you find your escape. This is mine. I hope you enjoy a look into my life.

  • Excerpts From A Book Ill Never Write| #Wattys2018
    2.8K 717 103

    ©2017 By dallywinston1738 or Annaka Logue or Annaka Marie ||All rights reserved.|| ||Plagerism is punishable by law|| These silent thoughts were stuck in my head. Wanting, begging,pleading to be let out. They never ended up becoming more than a few short words, so they found their way here. #1 in poetry book 7•29•18 ...

  • These Insufficient Words
    1.6K 250 80

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words. -Robert Frost This is my own collection of thoughts. My own stories, through the deepest sorrow and highest peaks of happiness I've had in my rather brief life, and some that others may also be able to relate to. Sometimes, words are in...

  • Project ONE L❤️VE
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    Do you ever watch the news?? Or at least have an understanding of the events unfolding around us?? Do you think that these shooters and mass murderers with their barbaric actions represent us as humans?? I started this project to spread love and positivity among everyone; especially those affected by it all. Join the...

    2.3K 304 25

    She wears flower dresses and paints her lips red, but she's not who you think she is.

  • Me and my words
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    Short poems Highest ranking #39 on 24 /09 /2017 this september is lucky for me :) :)

  • Cold Kisses
    1.8K 356 10

    We once shared Ember and warmth Under the sunbeams But now, We're nothing....... Nothing but cold kisses HR: #100 (July 24, 2017)

  • Notes From A Nobody
    325 121 16

    I guess you can call these poems. It's just random things that come to my mind based off of words, phrases, or anything really. Enjoy! :) I also don't own any pictures so credit goes to all original owners.

  • Don't Be That Guy
    2.5K 257 19

    The book is full of sarcasms and metaphors and my philosophies as well. So, I hope my lovely readers would understand the real motive behind the words. This is a collection of short stories. Each story describes what a kind of person you can be and what a kind of person you are. Just one character and so many storie...

  • Mackenzie | √
    875K 34.1K 83

    Highest Rank : #6 in Romance #24 in Teen Fiction She was smart. She wanted three scholarships. She was struggling. She was strong. She was pretty. She was Mackenzie. He was hot. He didn't care. He didn't want any girl too close, but he wanted attention and affection. He was... ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• Bea...

  • Deadly Rhymes and Laughing Times VOL I
    12.3K 1.9K 106

    Short stories turned into poems for the "best of both worlds" experience. I don't relate to most of them but A LOT of people from all around do. Since we can't physically see what people are going through; at least these words are there to comfort them❤️❤️ This blog is dedicated to all of you✨ ACHIEVEMENTS:❤️❤️❤️ 1st...

  • The Girl They Never Noticed
    66.9K 4.8K 83

    She gave me this million dollar smile which always meant that she was about to say something that would make me love her even more. Yes. Love. I've loved her for two years now. At the very beginning of the tenth grade and since our senior year starts next week, I want to tell her that in person. I wsnt it to be a s...

  • Across the Blue Horizon
    21.5K 3.3K 120

    Sail with me across the blue horizon. I will let you swim through my ocean of thoughts. Surf the waves of my emotions and dive under the deepest trench of my soul. Enjoy the privilege of reading the usual late night conversations with my drunken alter ego over a tower of freshly brewed coffee. Author's note: Majorit...

  • soaksociety
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    these are a collection of my inner thoughts you have my permission to delve deep into them but be careful once you're in you won't be able to get out

  • The True Alpha
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    #15 in Werewolf on 3 September 2017 The Werewolf world is in Chaos. Wolves are going against each other and this will soon result in their extinction but it gets worse when the word is spread that there is a True Alpha born to lead the Werewolves. The Alpha's are not ready to give up their power and will go to extreme...

  • A held meaning
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    Slowly the bullets got through her. Copyright © 2017. All rights reserved.

  • Aurora
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    l unpublished most of my poems and posted the revise ones. I'll post the rest real soon.

  • insanity
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    Hope was just a four letter word that took her to a thousand of places