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  • The Four Confessions
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    Y/N L/N is a sweet girl, running away from her past with her widow of a mother. She's young, but old enough to do anything she liked the only thing stopping her is her education and the emotional rut she's in. She numbs herself to her feelings so she can carry other people's burdens as she cares for them. One day she'...

  • The Fog ⇢ Dead by Daylight Oneshots
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    CURRENTLY RE-WRITING, SO UPDATES PENDING FOR SOME CHAPTERS .☆。• *₊°。 ✮°。 « the mist is alluring, hypnotizing. i love it and fear it at the same time » .☆。• *₊°。 ✮°。 A book dedicated to some of Dead By Daylight's killers and survivors! Fair warning, most of these are x Fem!Reader, because that's what I was initially mo...