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  • Running For You
    564 42 5

    When Hazel finds herself moving in a strange little room she is terrified. Finally it jerks to a stop, and she sees a bright light open up. She can't remember anything, and she Is surrounded by boys of many ages. What is this place? Why was I sent here? Why can't I remember anything? Who sent me here? Who are these p...

  • After they came
    141 12 6

    After Thomas and the others leave Newt on the berg in the 3rd book Hope you like it((: Thank you so much to @the-boy-on-fire for making me a cover for my story!!

  • Where The fire Burns The Most
    189 12 14

    Avery, a young girl, has trouble fitting in at her new school and just to make matters worse, she gets a little visit from somebody familiar. Join Avery as she goes threw death, pain, lies, and secrets. Find out what's awaiting her in Nevada, when she leaves Massachusetts.

  • My Brothers Best Friend #Wattys2016
    1.2K 25 4

    Cameron Bailey or Cammy has lived in Chicago her whole life, although she has amazing managed to go unnoticed by everyone. Until a pretty boy with Cammy's brother as his best friend jumps into her life. Will she come out as broken as she went in? #Wattys2016

    Completed   Mature