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  • The Fault In Our Stars
    287K 2.1K 3

    This was written during school back in 2013... I decided to post it on here and it is still giving me notifications from it and for that I thank you

  • Maximum Ride (Based on the series by james patterson)
    12.5K 237 1

    A poem based on the love/hate flock from the made up world of Maximum Ride written by the amazing author James Patterson.

  • Doctor Who Imagines
    168K 4.3K 45

    Who doesn't love a good imagine every once and awhile? :) Taking requests for any Doctor Who character you fancy!

  • Harry Potter Texts
    3.4M 188K 163

    Funny texts from the Harry Potter characters!

  • Doctor who Imagines
    547K 16.2K 88

    ♪ Oh the places you'll go ♪ Imagine being in the tardis flying it with the doctor, Imagine going through the endless universe in a blue box, Imagine just not being on earth, Imagine the worlds you would see, Or maybe...The romance? Action if that's what you would prefer. Imagine reading a story like this, and actuall...