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  • Best Friend's Revenge
    4M 128K 52

    When Liz Charleston's ex-best friend suddenly returns with a plan to take revenge on her, drama seems inevitable - but who knew revenge could be so handsome? ***** Two years ago Liz Charleston made the biggest mistake of her life by rejecting her be...

  • What is #ProjectBeYOUtiful?
    3.2K 228 6

    A book to answer frequently asked questions about the ProjectBeYOUtiful campaign. ☆cover art by skylarforthewin☆

  • What Is #ProjectNoIsNo?
    3.6K 334 2

    Learn more about #ProjectNoIsNo (or #PNIN) here!

  • What is # BadassReads?
    17K 582 7

    What is #BadassReads exactly? Want to know if you qualify? What does our reading lists names mean? Read to find out everything about us! ---- Click on the tag #BadassReads for a collection of the trending badass stories!

  • What is Project Everything
    214 12 1

    Do you want to know what this campaign is all about? Read this book and find out!

  • Raise Islamic Voice: All you need to know
    1.6K 257 5

    Everything in details you want to and need to know about this campaign. Look inside and think if you can join us and accelerate the growth of positivity and promotion for Muslims all over the world. Cover credit: @fizzsohail

  • What is project #antiheros
    185 14 1

    I'll explain inside

  • ProjectExpressYou
    337 34 2

    We are #ProjectExpressYou

  • What is Domestic Abuse? (Closed)
    450 20 2

    This is a description about Domestic Abuse. Wanna join with me in this campaign?

  • What Is #TheHomeAwayFromHome
    121 11 1

    Here is a description of what the #TheHomeAwayFromHome project/ campaign is all about.

  • What Is WrittenInAction?
    14.7K 785 4

    In which we explain the ins and outs of #WrittenInAction and how you can participate. #66 - NonFiction on 11.07.16

  • Project Our Singapore Story
    2.7K 158 11

    Find out more about our project here!