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  • Apollo to Icarus ⋆ Alec Lightwood
    237 34 2

    Xavier Trinidad thought that he was finished having his heart broken by other people. He thought that when he turned eighteen, all of his childhood suffering would end. He thought that the lingering feeling that lived deeply in the cracks of his ribs on every particular day of the week would go away. He thought that i...

  • until we break
    186 4 5

    Taehyung dips his fingers into the soft sand, Yoongi's lighter still clenched between them, letting it run off his skin with a wild grin. "I could die here," he says like it's a dream. "Everyone's already dead. Why join them?" the stranger replies. This time, when Taehyung looks up, his head eclipses the sun. A soberi...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Undoing of Ryder Burke
    1.7M 148K 42

    Ryder Burke is a slut. It's a known fact in Madison High that Ryder is down for pretty much everything- the stories written on the bathroom stalls are law, after all. Her infamy doesn't stop her from holding a place at the top of Madison High's food chain, though, until something happens at Georgia Brenner's annual Ne...

  • The Glory of Gore
    3.5K 253 10

    Ten gods desperate for glory and ten mortals desperate for immortality is an equation for chaos. [#397 in action]

  • Dead Girls Tell No Tales
    744K 54.6K 29

    [ WATTYS '18 LONG-LISTED ] ❝ I have slit throats far more beautiful than yours.❞ In which a thousand brides have fallen, and she is the last, so she spins a tale as old as time to live the dawn. | an arabian nights x beauty and the beast crossover | (cover by ES Johnson)