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  • Chances [L/H]
    120K 3K 34

    luke hemmings fanfic

  • Everything I Want (A 5SOS Fanfiction)
    37.5K 1K 30

    Sam is your typical girl next door, with those typical teenage girl problems, maybe Michael Clifford is the just what she needs to find her way?

  • Miles Away From You (Calum Hood Fanfic)
    18.6K 268 34

    What will happen when the love of Calum's life goes travelling to Paris, Greece and New York for a month. Will they still be together? Will they break up? Will they find someone else?

  • A Brand New Place - 5 Seconds of Summer[5SOS] Fan Fic (Ashton Irwin)
    1.4M 21.9K 66

    Bella has just moved all the way from Brisbane QLD to Sydney NSW, she has no friends, no relatives and has no one to talk to! But what she doesn’t know is that her favourite band of all time are just around the corner. How will her life change? Well she ever meet the boys that she dreams about? READ HERE TO FIND OUT!!

  • Unpredictable (5sos fanfic)
    396K 7.1K 33

    Kelsey Jacobs has lived in England all her life and was not willing to let it go. Calum, Michael, Luke and Ashton have lived in Australia all their lives trying to make something out of their band. What happens when the two worlds collide? I can't tell you much but what I can tell you is that life gets crazy. As Zayn'...

  • Now we're drifting away (5SOS Fanfic)
    1.8K 41 3

    this is my first fanfic. :)