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  • The Flame Angel
    8.4K 66 5

    A Destiny RWBY Cross Over Male Reader You are a Sunsinger Warlock, sent out on a task to scout and gather Intel by some unknown coordinates you recived after destroying the Black Heart. (I DO NOT OWN DESTINY OR RWBY, WELL I DO OWN A COPY OF DESTINY....)

  • The Armored Warrior
    185K 1.7K 29

    Your father has gone missing for almost a year now. You were cleaning out your attic until you found something that might put all your questions to rest.

  • Grimms Eye
    26.1K 344 25

    Its my first time writing a fanfic and trying it within the POV style. So yeah I hope you enjoy. I will also try to publish as many chapters as i can, but school and all that will come in the way. Lets hope for the best out of this! -ArkenSenpai (I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE RWBY CHARACTERS USED WITHIN THIS STORY)