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  • CAPTAIN | c.evans [1] ✓
    769K 20.1K 83

    ❝ will do, babe. ❞ ❝ don't call me babe. ❞ ❝ got it, princess. ❞ ❝ whatever. you'll do it anyway. ❞ in which the man who plays Captain America falls in love with a mom all because of a tweet. ( MCU CAST ) ( CHRIS...

  • baby girl || a.i
    928K 22K 36

    falling in love with your kidnapper has it's struggles. (Ashton Irwin AU)

  • lucifer, l.hemmings
    420K 15.6K 31

    or when a girl and boy meet at a party and give each other endearing nicknames such as lucifer and indiana jones

    Completed   Mature
  • Project Daddy || a.i
    21.2M 688K 82

    "You can call me daddy." "You cannot be fucking serious." __________ "This is a weird part of the internet, I don't like this place." - Michael Clifford, 2020.

  • killer, m.clifford/a,irwin
    321K 16.9K 37

    "why are you afraid of kissing me?" "i'm not afraid, but you should be." atlantis carter has kissed three boys in her seventeen years of life, and all three boys died within six days of the kiss #59 fanfiction

  • No Chance [Muke AU]
    1.1M 46K 31

    So Ashton's going on a road trip with his friend, Calum, and he invited me to tag along. Being the adventurous shit I am, I said yes, but I wouldn't have if I knew that Luke Hemmings was going as well. God, I hate that guy, and the feeling's mutual. Why does that annoying brat have to come along? And Ashton and Calum...

  • mute. • muke au
    1.6M 92.1K 39

    Michael didn't say much. Luke said nothing at all. Luke and Michael were perfect for each other. Silent. But still perfect. WINNER OF THE 'MUKE' BROMANCE AWARD ALSO AWARDED THE STORY WITH THE MOST VOTES OUT OF ALL OTHER CATAGORIES

  • Fall.
    27.1M 508K 53

    "You have a problem with falling, don't you?" "You have no idea." Cover by LilacLucas

    Completed   Mature
  • blind :: muke au
    3.9M 158K 33

    ❝i'm blind,❞ luke muttered. ❝nice to meet you, blind. im michael.❞ © 2014 michaelsvans {#1 fanfiction - 9/28/14} {#8 teen fiction - 9/18/14} cover by @michaelclifford

  • Please Take Me Home
    231K 9.7K 32

    Summary: 'please take me home, too late, it's gone, i bet you're sad, this is the best time we've ever had.' ••• All Luke ever wanted was to be friends with the strange boy who drew batman and didn't own nice things but as they both grew up, all Luke ended up wanting was Michael... highest stats: #35 in fanfiction ||...

    Completed   Mature
  • walls ✰ m.c.
    5.1M 141K 42

    Two stubborn teenagers meet unexpectedly. Both grief stricken and guarded, Maddie soon becomes Michael's lighthouse. Copyright © fluffycashton 2018. All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except...

  • the ripper || irwin
    579K 29.9K 32

    "Well, Miss Alice, Haven't you ever heard of Jack the Ripper?"

    Completed   Mature
  • 7:15.
    25.8M 559K 49

    "7:15, that's our time."

    Completed   Mature
  • starring role » muke
    157K 8.2K 32

    this ain't a movie that i wanna see. a tragic story, starring you & me ⓒ deathcabformuke