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  • Bedazzled | ✓
    754K 42.1K 20

    Jeffery is sick, sea sick. After a mysterious creature from the depths saved him from drowning, Jeffery just can't seem to keep his head out of the water. Bound in lust and put in a compromising situation, Jeffery makes an astonishing decision to go forth to find this merman. Cover by @coxkora

  • Loud And Clear (boyxboy)
    429K 24.5K 26

    Highest rank: #1 LGBT! William is going deaf but somehow Lucas' voice is always Loud And Clear. A boyxboy romance about learning to be yourself and to make the best of every situation. ~ Lucas doesn't really have a filter. Or a clue. Or money for food. That's why, when he meets William Hunt, the moody lone...

  • Fragile Threads [boyxboy]
    248K 14.5K 26

    Ethan is struggling through high school with anxiety and his sexuality--so what happens when an anonymous classmate wants to build a relationship, without Ethan even seeing his face or knowing his name? Cover by 0DauntlessTribute0

    Completed   Mature
  • A Promise Fulfilled [WattyAwards#2012]
    354K 17.6K 23

    What do you do when an enigmatic stranger buys you a beer and turns your life upside down? A certain stockbroker is about to find out exactly what it means to cut all losses. Copyright © 2016 by Yukigosa

  • Jovie & Bash
    1.5M 64.5K 28

    He's a would-be college student stacking books in the local library. She's a high school senior nearing graduation. He leads a life of organized chaos and she's living by the book. He's free but all she can see are consequences. You can't control who you fall in love with.

  • He She It
    484K 34.7K 31

    Lilly Martin is not model-material, but Adam Hiller is, and it turns out he likes to wear dresses when nobody's looking, and is in fact not a 'he' at all. When their school announces a fashion designing competition, Lilly decides to kill two (or three) birds with one stone and: 1) Win the fashion competition by making...

  • Short Skirts
    24.7K 1.3K 1

    ❝Be yourself.❞ They say. Except what they really mean is, ❝be the person we want to see.❞ Jaime Carvalho is done with all of that because it's not always rainbows and butterflies in the world of acceptance. -- short story #19 | teen fiction #100 09/12/14 Cover Art: @ambhus_art // Amber Quinonez Design Completed 8/16...

  • In the Eye of the Storm
    33.2M 1.7M 37

    In the desert, an instant turns life into death and hate into love. In the desert, everything is different. Boundaries break down, and you find yourself doing things that you would never, ever have imagined. Lilly Linton finds this out the hard way: in the shadow of the pyramids, she and her boss, cold, calculatin...

  • Kissing Will
    40.9K 2.1K 4

    Jay is no longer a competing ice skater. He was at some point, so long ago that it seems like a forgotten memory. Now, though, he lives in a smaller town, with smaller minds, and less room for people like him. He sneaks to skate on the frozen lake in the wintertime. Will is new, which is rare in and of itself. But the...

  • The Deal With Byrd and O'Neill
    377K 23.6K 12

    It's tough, being best friends with the person you love. Especially if the feeling is... mutual? Wait, what? Truly, neither Mason Byrd nor Cody O'Neill wanted to be just friends. It's just that Cody was fast in the swimming pool but not so much when it came to realising feelings, and Mason was terrified of losing...

  • Two Men and a Truck
    3.6K 158 8

    a #FreeYourShorts WINNER ••• A short episodic story about two men who discuss the events of the previous day while seated closly together in the cab of a truck. • • • "I didn't know you were like that." • • • Author's Note: the passenger, help-hand, guest and man are epithets for the same character.

  • Jen and Clark (LGBT+)
    175K 9.3K 19

    this is our secret, so don't tell anyone, okay? Copyright2016©PointTrueNorth Highest rankings: #10 <<November 27th, 2016>> #38 <<November 3rd, 2016>>

  • The Gay Gatsby
    565K 35.7K 38

    Who in their right mind would ask a teenager to write a 4000 word essay on the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald anyway? To me, English class was simply the fine art of over analyzing very old pieces of literature. It was usually pretty easy for me to string together some intricate sounding sentences about these old novels...

  • Night Drive
    1.6K 125 4

    --Competition Entry Prompt: 'Love At The End Of The World' At the end of the world, Sam is alone. He's ran from his old life and isn't looking back. But you can't run from the past forever, even when you're one of the last to survive.

    Completed   Mature
  • Hazel (boyxboy)
    104K 5.8K 16

    ▪WATTPAD FEATURED STORY▪ Otto is a young artist, blowing where the wind takes him in life. He can see sounds, expressed as bursts of color. His art is good, yes, but it's missing a muse. Max is a cheerful waiter with curly crimson hair and hazel eyes. He is hardly ever seen without a smile on his face, and when he ent...

  • ☼Shine☼ [boyxboy] [oneshot]
    14.5K 470 1

    They all think he’s a vampire. He thinks they’re all idiots. Also, Edward Cullen can kiss his skinny, pale ass.

    Completed   Mature
  • The King and His Sorcerer
    224K 10.9K 21

    I decided to expand on my Methur fanfic, and start their story from the very beginning. Merlin is a young warlock who somehow finds himself as the manservant to the prince of Camelot. At first, he cannot stand his princely employer, but when the two start to spend more time together they realise that there may be a fi...

    32.4K 1.1K 6

    Short stories lol

  • Here Comes The Sun [wattys 2016]
    121K 7.4K 15

    After a lot of rock music, many skating accidents and a considerable amount of arguing, Alex finds out that there are things in the world worth living for. Skateboarding, as it turned out was not the only thing Alex and Jem bonded over. [copyright afterwords two thousand & fifteen] short story #24

  • Dream On (#wattys2016)
    1.4K 143 3

    Until then, all we can do is dream on...

  • Now See Here! (m/m)
    354K 15.5K 10

    Mark catches the eye of one of the company’s most powerful men, but he can’t see it himself. Literally. This is my first story on this site, an office romance story… with a bit of a twist… (male/male)

    Completed   Mature
  • Storm and Silence
    115M 5.1M 102

    "It is your choice," he said, stepping so close to me that our lips were almost touching. "Either do what I say - or get another job." My heart stood still as I gazed up into his deep, dark, dangerous eyes... In a world where women's only role in life is to sit at home and look pretty, Lilly is determined to f...

  • Bad Luck
    1.1M 25K 16

    A pesky and stubborn black cat full of attitude. A lovely red haired girl with a passion for animals. A mysterious and brooding boy with a lot of secrets and an accident that puts them all together. Bad Luck sometimes can come in disguise for true love! Now it's time for Mia to get Lucky! *The book will be soon...

  • The Best Of Comebacks
    48.7M 1.7M 258

    ❝A book for comebacks.❞ WARNING// If easily offended please do not read this book as you might be upset by some of the content.

  • Two Sentence Horror Stories
    228K 7.9K 64

    Two Sentence Horror Stories That Will Keep You Up Tonight Highest Ranking - #28 in short stories

  • The Fear of Letting Go (BoyXBoy)
    187K 8.1K 19

    ** SEQUEL TO THE FEAR OF FALLING APART** I have never really thought of myself as a bad guy. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am certainly not the greatest person in the world. I have cheated, stolen, broken hearts, gambled, and bit off far more than I can chew, but I've never thought that any of those things made me a...

    Completed   Mature
  • blue neighbourhood
    12.4K 1K 22

    Based on Troye Sivan's Blue Neighbourhood trilogy. ❝What if we just drove away?" he asked me, hands on the railing. "Leave this blue neighbourhood?" His curls were in artful disarray. I wanted to kiss him. "Where would we go?" I asked. Lately, he'd been talking about blue neighbourhoods a lot. According to him, a b...

  • The Times He Listened (Short Story)
    11.3K 1K 1

    There are different types of listening. Some are bad. (LGBT themes).