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  • Kyoyas Baby Sister?
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    Sure, Mai Ootori is the "baby" of the Ootori group, but the only person that treats her like that is her onii-chan, Kyoya. He might have the scary reputation as the "Shadow King" at the Host Club, but when he is with Mai, he has a huge soft spot.

  • Pop Princess (OHSHC x Reader)
    128K 3.5K 20

    (Y/n) is a famous pop star who goes be the name of (stage name). She performs with heavy makeup and bright wigs, so no one can ever recognize her on the street. Due to privacy requirements as well as needing to finish her education, she transfers mid-year to Ouran Academy, where she meets a group of boys who call them...

  • Ouran High School Host Club
    24K 728 5

    Kaoru Hitachiin x reader

  • Ouran Highschool Host Club x Reader[Next Door?]
    2.2K 89 2

    Who is the fragile girl who has been intrigued by the unique looking guests her next door neighbor has been having over? She didn't mean to be a bother, but she couldn't help it. She'd... She had always wanted a group of friends that seemed as friendly them. She had always either been on her own, or standing among...

  • Ouran High School Host Club Texts
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    Thanks on all your support guys! As a reward, I have started a new texting book! Please remember to support my other texting books, and I hope you enjoy! DISCLAIMER: Ouran High School Host Club and all related characters are owned by Bisco Hatori.

    4.5K 91 5

    Just a book of one~shots about Ouran High School Host Club. {REQUESTS ARE OPEN} ~Mixy & Iggy

  • Painting Flowers .:Kyoya x Reader:.
    956 46 3

    (Kyoya x Reader) The story of you and the notorious Shadow King. -I don't own Ouran High School host club or you, just the story- (Prepare yourself for endless references)

  • Tamaki's Sister (OHSHC)
    234K 8.1K 40

    Tamaki always thought he was a only child. So what happens when a young girl claims to be his sister?

  • Breaking out of my shell ~.:Kaoru x Reader:.~
    56.9K 2.5K 12

    You are a shy girl. You have family -But you don't talk to them-. What happens when you -a shy girl- meets the host club? What will happen when you start to fall for Kaoru? and what will his fangirls do to you once they find out?!

  • The Unlikely pair
    175K 7.2K 13

    A Mori x Reader story You were a new transfer student in the school and stood out from the crowd. Known as the sunshine girl that's always smiling and cracking jokes.But what happens when Tamaki invites you to help Haruhi out in the Host club ? Why can't Mori seem to focus on everything he does when he's around you? W...

  • Awkward Spark.. Kaoru x Reader
    21K 801 7

    There aren't many Kaoru x readers so I thought I'd make one ^w^ It's been 1 week since the first day attended Ouran High school. You are quite quiet and didn't socialize much. After school ended you went straight home and studied. You would listen to music or read when you had any free time, lunch for example. One da...

  • Bittersweet (Honey X Reader)
    165K 5.4K 46

    [CANCELLED] "I used to care about cake and cute things more than my brother..." He looks up, his facial expression serious, with a light tint of red across his cheeks. "And then I met you." ~ The Host Club mattered to [B/F/N], not [Y/N]. Boys weren't needed in her future plan- where she was going, she needed an educat...

  • My Beautiful Flower (Kaoru x Reader)
    183K 5.4K 27

    Hello this is my first fanfic so yup!! Hope you enjoy!! Book 1 of 2 {Currently being edited by @OHSHC_TALES}

  • Not Identical
    83K 4K 18

    Kaoru Hitachiin x reader

  • Ouran High School Host club x Reader Oneshots
    124K 2.7K 22

    Okay my otakus and other people, this is my first collection of fanfics....of ANY type so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or OOC characters. I will try to put two put tonight if possible, but I must warn you some updates will be slow, because of the last couple weeks of school for the year and finals and I've...

  • Ouran Preferences
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    Just some preferences with the host members, including our dear Haruhi. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Ouran, any of the characters or the pictures/gifs I use. P.S. I also have this posted on Quotev, FYI.

  • After Ouran Highschool Host club (TamakixHaruhi)
    419 11 2

    Tamaki x Haruhi! (2 shots! XD) WARNING: OHSHC is not mine!

  • Roses (Tamaki x Haruhi fanfic)
    13.5K 410 6

    Tamaki and Haruhi fanfic x3

  • Ouran high school host club [One Shots]
    315K 5.4K 23

    One shots based on songs that you will know.