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  • [AraSol - Humanstuck]
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    {Highschool AU.} When Aradia Megido takes her first ever step in Sburb High, her life changes forever.

  • I Think I'm In Love (a Dirkjake fanfic)
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    Alright. This sucks. Don't waste your time. Don't comment stupid stuff. I know how bad it is. Don't start please. You'll only waste brain cells.

  • Traveling Solider
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    A Sadstuck, humanstuck, and militarystuck fanfic :3 (AraSol/AradiaxSollux) Author's note {PLEASE READ} : This is a sadstuck! If major character death, military death, blood, SADSTUCK, broken hearts, or anything like that triggers you, I advise you to avoid reading this! ^^ This is a one-shot, but I really hope you l...

  • Homestuck boyfriend/girlfriend scenarios
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    Homestuck boyfriend/girlfriend scenarios (I tried to make it friendly to everyone) (Sorry if I offend anyone and there will be grammar mistakes)

  • Homestuck Scenarios
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    (=.^W^.=) Miaou! A basic 'X Reader' Homestuck fic. It's basically how your relationship changes over time. ❇✴COMPLETED✴❇

  • Sollux x Reader (smut)
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    You haven't seen sollux in so long, and finally get to hang out with him at his hive! Things get very intense, and you learn solluxs' true feelings for you. ***this fic contains an NSFW chapter***

  • Crushin' on Karks { DaveKat }
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    Dave Strider has a crush on Karkat Vantas. Major crush actually. He's going to attempt to ask him out. Oh great. Karkat starts developing feelings for a certain boy. But all they are is Moirails. Is that all?

  • Dirkjake Merstuck
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    "i've never wanted someone so bad," he murmurs, gently cupping the others face. "don't leave." "promise?" he hesitated. -- cover art belongs to ikimaru lol

  • Homestuck Sexcanons
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  • Self-loathing and cold-weather.(Human!KARKAT X SUICIDAL!READER )
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    (y/n)= your name H/c = hair color E/c = eye color F/a and F/s = favorite artist and favorite song. !!Warning!! Strong use of profanity and self-hate. ALSO really cute fluff. In this story kankri and his group are siblings to I karkat and his group!! *kankri looking proud in the distance* Hey I'm new at this so i...