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  • The Keymaker
    39 11 1

    The Keymaker has waited years to unlock the silver locket that holds an important secret to his future. But when a Boy shows up at his door in need of a key, will destiny be changed? (Written for WattpadShortStory's Reading List Marathon contest: Another Time, Another Place)

  • A Heart of Snow [COMPLETE]
    508 94 6

    The crown was always hers. -*-*- A'snowlyne was born to rule. When her throne is stolen from her, though, she'll do whatever it takes to get it back--even if that means losing everything she loves. A Snow White retelling that will make you question who the story's real victim is. -*-AWARDS-*- 1st in Short Story - The...

  • Detroit: Become Dog
    3.2K 233 14

    Detroit: Become Dog In Detroit: Become human we saw human androids become deviant, but what about the animal androids? You see Dabria, the dog, was created by Cyberlife to become an exterminator. Strays were becoming a major problem in the United States, crowding the new cities and leaving waste everywhere. There wer...

  • Jade Warrior Saga
    377 109 7

    Thanks @camjensen for editing my chapters!! ☢Mature for use of strong language☢ Sebastian Glade was a well know Archangel. He was one of the great generals during the war between the Sacred Generals and the Cambions. Cambions are one of the highest classifications of the demon race. They are mischievous and appear ju...

  • Calliope¹
    307 75 9

    The Nine Muses Book 1 ╡✥╞ Dark, ruthless and careless, that is how you describe a Muse. They may inspire you, make you feel better but slowly they take the most precious thing about you away and all it takes is one touch! Even an accidental one. ╡✥╞ Calliope The r...

    Completed   Mature
  • Living on a Prayer
    30 1 1

    For June's Just Write It Bits challenge. Music and Stories. Can a story be told through song? Can a song be sung through a story? Timothy and Kelly defy the demands and expectations laid down by society. This is a one chapter short story.

  • Talking To Myself
    16.5K 5K 49

    Poems I write while talking to myself Whispering words that won't make sense, A part of my life is a mess, And I don't think writing poems will fix the rest."

  • Glow No More
    3.4K 875 31

    -1st Place Winner Of The Lavender Awards -2nd Place Winner Of The Starglow Awards -2nd Place Winner Of The Galaxy Awards - Writing is easier than talking. When talking you don't have long to think about the things you are going to say, you just rush them out of your mouth and then later regret most of what you said or...

  • How To: Get More Reads On Wattpad
    152K 11.5K 53

    Highest Rank: #1 in Non-Fiction [14.08.16] I'm sure many of us have typed in 'How to get more reads' or 'How to get more votes' into Wattpad's search bar at one point or another and been bombarded with books. However when you read them.. Well they all seem to be the same. There may be a reason for that, those books pr...

  • Book Quotes
    192K 10.8K 201

    A book filled with quotes from books such as... •Harry Potter •Throne of Glass •The Mortal Instruments/The Infernal Devices •The Hunger Games •Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus •A Court of Thorns and Roses •The Selection •The Book Thief And many, many others! Disclaimer: These quotes do not belong to...

  • I give you my heart
    31 3 2

    About a girl named Amy Who's 17 turning 18 She finally meets her idol Luke Hemmings

  • Book of Quotes
    1.5M 87.8K 201

    This is my amazhang book of fandom quotes. These are from pretty much anything however I usually do children and young teen books as well as Disney and other movies. So if you love your fandoms please read my book. I hope you like it. Current rating:- 7th in Random Highest rating:- 2nd in Random as of 25/10/15

  • The Prank Wars [On Hold]
    11.4K 2.7K 11

    In which a girl and a boy who attempt to best each other, year after year, through a series of hijinks, pranks and practical jokes, can't help but fall in love. ***** When you've lived in the small town of Brantley, Alabama your entire life, surprises don't come often. That...

  • The Shy Girl Has a Gun
    41.4M 1.1M 49

    Faith Mitchell was never confident. She was happy to blend into the background, much to the protest of her friends. At 16, her life was a normal teenage cliche. She was in love with Jace, the obnoxious player who she couldn't have, and her biggest worry was whether or not he would finally come to his senses and see th...

  • Runner
    37.9K 1.5K 16

    Following the outbreak of a mutation, a percentage of the human race have advanced to be able to wield the natural elements. Ten years have passed: dictatorships, gangland networks, disaster, and war have swept the globe. Society has been desolated. For Asher, survival is all that matters. But when her luck runs out...

  • Goodnight
    198K 11.1K 9

    Ethan's nightmares are terrifying. He hates falling asleep; he hates having to witness the twisted world that he's forced into when he closes his eyes. But when they begin to blend into reality, facing them may be his only choice. #87 in horror - 5/5/16 All Rights Reserved WARNING: My books contain disturbing themes...

  • Saving Blake | #Wattys2016 | rewriting
    240K 13.9K 2

    in which a boy has only a month to convince a suicidal girl that she, in fact, matters. ++++++++++ ▪ book one of a trilogy. ▪ highest ranking #3 in cl, #4 in ss and #189 in tf. ▪ all rights reserved. 2016 by teddy.

  • The Hoodie Girl
    79.2M 3M 62

    Wren hides behind her hoodie at school. But when the handsome, popular Asher notices her, she realizes she might not want to be invisible after all. ***** Wren Martin plans to hide behind her hoodie and keep a low profile to finish her time at Eastv...