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  • The Painful Agreement
    88.1K 1.9K 34

    What happen when the maknae of BTS forced to make an agreement with them without the members know? What will BTS do to get him back? And can they live without their one and only maknae who always makes them smile and happy with just it ownself?

  • Darling | All16 | ✔
    290K 13.8K 34

    Sang Sorenson, the darling of the universe, is the sweetest, nicest person you will ever meet. Her parents are wealthy and kind to all, including their beloved daughter. Sang is sheltered, living in a bubble of kindness and light. What happens when that bubble is burst and sixteen men charge their way into her heart...

  • Blood Ink Muse
    3.4K 1.2K 27

    Mona is plagued by a curse that claims every suitor of hers. After each disappearance, a sick warning from a peculiar admirer came in a form of well painted portraits of her. She was his favorite muse just as her suitor's blood was his favorite color. Doomed to a life of misery, Mona moved to uncover the killer's iden...

  • Queen of Thieves
    5.6M 312K 61

    A tale in which a thief with a double life grudgingly becomes a hero. ➳ Liana Mason has a life anyone would envy. Nobody suspects that the once orphaned girl grew up to be the city's notorious vigilante. She has been fine walking on the edge of morality for much of her life, but when an assassin arrives in her city sh...

  • ICE
    1.6M 99.5K 193

    [wattys 2018 shortlisted] Humans see her as a dangerous threat -a witch that must be executed. With the uncontrollable ability to form ice at her fingertips, Ravenna is forced into hiding amongst the humans, stealing to survive. That is, until she hears of an ancient dragon with the ability to breathe ice instead of f...

    127K 11.5K 165

    𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐒 𝐈𝐒 𝐍𝐎𝐓 𝐀 𝐒𝐔𝐂𝐂𝐄𝐒𝐒 𝐒𝐓𝐎𝐑𝐘. 𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐒 𝐈𝐒 𝐀 𝐑𝐔𝐈𝐍𝐀𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍. It's the beginning of a new age when Jaylah Imperatrix seemingly returns from the dead to reclaim her throne. And in perfect timing. In her absence, evil has begun to rise. Ruthless and bloodthirsty Seifer Daggen will stop at noth...

  • The Silent Thief
    92.3K 4.1K 31

    Grace is a hired thief, the most famous thief in all of Spain because of her unchallengeable skills, impossible heists that she's pulled off, and eerie silence in which she does them. To the world, she is thought to be a boy that everyone calls The Silent Thief. But behind the mask and hood, she is a twenty year old g...

  • Shadow Thief
    230K 11.1K 43

    Shadow is a mystery to the city of Lament. A thief by night and an average bystander by day. With no family to lean on, she was left to fend for herself in the dangerous district of Orchid. Killing became a means for survival. When she's targeted by the government, she's taken captive. Prepared for death, she's met w...

  • Descendants of the Sun Season 2
    282K 4K 28

    A volcano erupts just when Kang Mo Yeon and Yoo Si Jin though they could have some peace for a change. New characters emerge, and will old friends become new enemies? Keep reading to find out what happens in the next installment of Descendants of The Sun. //This occurs after the final episode (Episode 16). This is wha...

  • iGHOST YOU (You Series #1) | COMPLETED |Undergoing Slow Editing
    140K 7.8K 44

    Highest Ranking: #1 in ghost (December 2022) #1 in paranormal (December 2022) # 1 in High School (December 2022) Meet Alex Cooper, the bookworm and so not popular teenage girl who wishes to have the boy she could never have. But her dream started to come true when she is the only one who can see the ghost of her cru...

  • Crossroads
    1.3M 35.3K 44

    "You make me want to do things to you." He mumbles, his brown eyes never straying from mine. "What?" I whisper, nervous yet at the same time my heart pounds with excitement and anticipation. "Do you want to know what kind of things?" His low tone matches mine as he brings his face closer and I find myself robbed of...

  • Accidentally on Purpose
    55.5M 2.2M 68

    Hannah Taylors finally gives in to her desperation and does one of the stupidest things a girl can do to grab her unapproachable long-time crush Jonah Gibbs' attention: spill soda on his white shirt and leave a motherfrigging red blotch on it. Accidentally... on purpose.

  • 71
    278K 22K 116

    The world ended a long time ago. Some humans survived. But in order to do so, the original Survivors enhanced themselves with animal DNA, adopting traits that allowed them to live in this mutated wilderness of giant Beasts and vast, unexplored swathes of jungle-AKA, the Wold. But something that unnatural had to come a...

  • G.A.L.E. Force - Duology [Sample]
    37.4K 295 1

    *A Wattpad Featured Story* When a young woman snags Lawrence Croxley from the train station, he soon realizes that being late for work is the least of his problems. She plans to use his access to a major news network's cameras in order to warn the public of a massive syndicate, one that has sinister plans for her...

  • Altered
    436K 30.1K 56

    'They wore uniform grey, their expression hard and distant, their muscles taut with expectation, as if at any moment they were ready to lead an assault, to carry out orders, to kill, to die. And yet they were. Kingston had trained these children to kill at a word, to obey their masters without question. They were mach...

  • The Ascent
    105K 9.7K 52

    It was only supposed to be a minor military expedition and Kenneth Phon was only supposed to be an observer. But when the ambitions of powerful men turn to betrayal and murder, the largest human war fleet ever assembled finds itself leaderless and lost, thousands of light-years deep in the territory of a hostile alien...

  • Espresso Love (A Dystopian Japan Novel) #Wattys2014
    1.2M 22.2K 99

    In Tokyo, where the System siphons thought, emotions & memories, a literature student meets a strange psychic girl and they embark on an escape from mindless agents, dream worlds and reality itself, in a soul-searching journey for love, for identity and what it means to be human. But all that remains is a peculiar cof...

  • Undercover ✔️
    249K 13.7K 36

    For the last year, Audrey has been watching over Charlotte Astor, heir to the world's biggest software company. She knows this summer will be filled with all the activities that comes with being a rich, entitled teenager: parties, polo games and clubs. But when a new comer arrives on the scene, his mysterious and cha...

  • The Alpha's Bad Boys | boyxboyxgirl ✎
    194K 8K 13

    Ezra Harland, dubbed as the ultimate ladies man and the suave player who breaks girls' hearts left and right, is off to college. His bad boy ways, timely quips, sweet as fuck charms, and horny as hell Beta-blood make him the most irresistible combination to walk the earth. After being surrounded by happy couples 24/7...

  • No Man's Land
    154K 7.4K 35

    [book one complete] Normally, a flaming plane crash is a worst case scenario, right? But what if you were to add in, say, 17 government agents with 3 different employers? 30 passengers. 7 FBI. 4 CIA. 6 MI6. All hell is destined to break loose when everybody is outside of their jurisdiction and nobody plays by the rule...

  • Risk and Rebel's Guide Book
    38.4K 3.3K 41

    COMPANION TO "RISK & REBEL" - BEWARE OF SPOILERS! In which the members of Team Alpha decide to put together a comprehensive guide of their agency.

  • Risk and Rebel
    547K 32.1K 65

    Mickey Davidson and Jason Thomas have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Growing up together in the same town, with neighboring houses, they were inseparable. When their senior year arrives, everything is going well -- until one day, when there's a car crash on the way to Jason's football game. After...

  • Agent (Book 1)
    69.7K 2.6K 47

    In 2052, when all of Europe has gone to war, the United States hangs by a thread. Split into twenty Divisions, those who live here are threatened by homelessness, starvation, and life among the ruins. From the ashes of the rebellion comes the American Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA), a governmental corporation created t...

  • Spellbinders Secret
    131K 9.6K 39

    Welcome to Celestia, the realm of the Spellbinders, and it's many countries. Ella is a Spellbinder who has been a member of The Resistance for almost as long as she can remember, and while she may only be 16, she's their strongest warrior. Times are hard for the Resistance. The Cursed Ones they fight everyday to keep...

  • Vet Tech Meets The Alpha
    11.6M 474K 34

    Jack's life has always been weird. With the stereotypically snobby rich parents that never pay attention to her and gave her a boy's name, to the mysterious butler that shows up on her front porch, to the two wolves that keep coming to her house. Jack is a Vet Tech at the local clinic up in the Montana Mountains. When...

    2.8M 105K 36

    "S-stay away from me." She stutters a whisper when she's backed up against the wall knowing there's no way it'll swallow her up. "W-w-why?" He replied with as smirk plastered on his face, mocking her. "M-move back, o-or I'll scream." A crazed laugh escapes his lips as her body is trapped between his and the wall. "Do...

  • Psycho Billionaire [SAMPLE, PUBLISHED] ✔️
    7.6M 86.9K 15

    Life couldn't be more mundane for sweet, kind, and naïve Kiara Reeves, who has been bussing tables to make ends meet. Until she unexpectedly finds herself in the arms of a handsome billionaire. Blue-eyed, dark-haired, and enigmatic, Jasper Lockhart comes from a world of wealth, power, and sophistication. Despite being...

  • The Fight For Love | Rewritten Version ✎
    27.9M 209K 27

    #1 in Teen Fiction, Action, & New Adult ❤︎ ❝Sometimes falling for the enemy is inevitable❞ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ After being betrayed by her only friend, Anastasia Martinez Stone gets thrown into a dangerous world full of fighting, racing, drugs, pain, and death. The Royal Reapers is the strongest gang in The Underworld, a place o...

  • Siena (Forestfolk, Book 1)
    1.6M 175K 52

    Siena can heal wounds with a touch of her hands. A captive since birth, she is used as a tool of war by a Plainsmen tribe. A chance escape into the forest proves successful... and deadly. Rescued by the Forestfolk--a group of people she always thought were nothing more than bedtime stories--Siena remains on edge. Trus...

  • My Dark Knight
    16.5M 452K 59

    In the era where swords rule, where women consider their modesty their greatest virtue. Where a man would kill to find his wife warming another mans bed, a time when women would consider it the greatest of adultery or fornication to warm a bed other than her husbands. A time when an honorable man guards his gaze, for...