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  • Texts / g.d
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    "Sorry, you have the wrong number. I'm Rose." "Ugh, wtf. Forget that shit, I'll talk to you instead then, Rose :) x" "I don't know about this." "It's fine, it's just texting x" THE DOLAN TWINS AWARDS WINNER 2016!!! Thank you! X **Contains some mature language/content**

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  • Magcon/Dolan Twins Dirty Fanfiction
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    hey I do fanfiction for these people below (some of them arnt part of magcon or the Dolan twins I just like them) Magcon: Carter Reynolds●Cameron Dallas●Nash&HayesGrier●Matthew Espinosa●Jack Johnson●Jack Gillinsky●Shawn mendez●(I know there's more but I only like those) Dolan Twins: Grayson Dolan♢Ethan Dolan ♢ Random...

  • daddy g.d
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    "will you do everything i tell you to do?"

  • Lessons
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    I'm Grayson Dolan. A college professor teaching American History. It's been almost a year since Eris disappeared. I wonder how she's doing. *Sequel to Professor Dolan*

  • •Daddy Issues• Ethan Dolan
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    "What's my name?" "Daddy."

  • Professor Dolan g.d
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    I'm Eris. A young girl from Georgia. I'm very shy, but pretty outgoing once you get to know me. There's a secret I have that I can't tell anyone. I like my high school teacher. His name is Professor Dolan. Formally know as Grayson Dolan. He's the guy of my dreams. Even though he's married, I still want him to be mine...

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  • Sexy Sitter | E.D
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    "Be good for your babysitter" *sexual content*

  • Daddy e.d
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    "Who's your daddy?" He said turning around to face me. "Um Excuse me?" I gulped. He gave me an evil smile. "Take your pants off."

  • ROOMMATE | g.d
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    All Alex ever wanted to do was go to a private, open campus high school with no distractions, and no drama. Unfortunately, we all want what we cant have now ain't that right?