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  • As They Rise (The Eva Series #1)
    3.1M 92.4K 26

    A Wattpad Featured story. As seen on The Huffington Post. Book One of The Eva Series, which has over 3M combined reads! A kick-ass young girl, a nation swarming with zombies, and a sweet romance that grows amongst the ruins. You'll find all that and more in this exciting and action-packed apocalyptic YA story. Readers...

  • A Pirates Kiss (1st Adventure Watty Awards 2011)
    8M 235K 36

    It is Dangerous to deal with Pirates. Circe's Father has always told her so. So when a mysterious shadowy figure with gold and silver eyes appears on her balcony and attempts to steal her away the first thing that she wonders is why? Why does this mysterious stranger seem to know her more than she knows herself with...

  • Gone Magic
    8.6K 622 17

    Seventeen-year-old Katinka is trapped in a magical dress in the middle of New York City. Ever since a man with burning blue eyes snatched her into his fancy flying carriage, Katinka has been a prisoner in the realm of the Magi, an invisible 18th-century world of haughty, aristocratic wizards, torturous corsets, and ab...

  • The Faerie Prince
    195K 10.5K 22

    Action, intrigue, and romance to swoon for! With graduation just weeks away, guardian trainee Violet Fairdale is determined to claim the top spot in her class. But first, she'll have to survive her final assignment-and the guy she's been forced to partner with. Her confusing feelings for Ryn aren't the only thing maki...

  • Marrow Charm
    659K 846 11

    ****Taken down for publication with Parliament House Press in 2019*** ****Bonus Story Available: The House of Seven Smiles***** ***Wattys 2015 Winner!!!*** Magic runs bone deep... In a world overrun by monsters, humans struggle for survival underground. Magic is feared and reviled, but rooted deep in the bloodlines of...

  • Paladin
    16.4M 526K 69

    Sam is the most promising swordsman among this year’s crop of Paladin trainees...and knows it. Brash, cocky, and unbeatable with a sword (well, almost), Sam is the kingdom of Thule’s best hope against the violence wrought by demons. The only problem is that Sam is really Lady Samantha, daughter of the seventeenth Duke...

  • The Ivory Knight
    183K 7.7K 31

    Adeleina of Corandell might be a girl and the heir to the throne, but that doesn't mean she can't swing a sword as well as any knight. Yet swords and pretty lies can only take a princess so far... Mysterious attacks plague her kingdom. An enigmatic stranger intercepts her in the woods. Her impending betrothal looms. A...

  • Half of Ruby
    59.3K 5.9K 59

    Nothing is impossible for the Fae, but with her thieving boyfriend, insane mother, and peasant status, Ruby's happily ever after seems to be. When the Giants, a vicious and corrupt race, accuse Ruby's boyfriend of murdering their crown prince, Ruby volunteers for Regeneration to save him from a death sentence and her...

  • Fairy Tale: Winter's Bite
    87.4K 5K 72

    [ Fantasy / Romance / Complete / Book 1 ] In Pyxis, a city of fairies at the icy border of civilization, Queen Andromeda intends to reach into the modern world of humans and kill everyone associated with her ex-husband, Scott MacRae, the King of the Unworthy, born with the ability to live in either world, fairy or hum...

  • Atlantis Riptide
    381K 15K 31

    Sixteen-year-old Pearl Poseidon ran away from the circus tired of her adoptive parents' abuse of her special skills. As a runaway, she craves anonymity but when she saves a small boy from drowning she draws attention to herself and her special abilities. Boardwalk employee and aspiring reporter, Chase Thomas, helps he...

  • The Forbidden Lands (Wattys 2015 Winner)
    1M 63.8K 33

    Evelin is known as the wild Fendway sister. She dreams of someday escaping to the Forbidden Lands to the west, despite the rumors of its danger and dark magic. Evelin escapes to the lands and finds them to be not exactly how she expected. The creatures there need help, and only Evelin will save them. On a journey fil...

  • Night Guardian
    100K 6.5K 41

    Seeing ghosts isn't scary. I grew up being a girl who wasn't afraid of the boogieman, of what could possibly be under my bed, of the creeping crawling creatures of the dark, or loud creaks and bangs at the dead of night. I knew something was wrong with me the moment I realized that I saw more than what most pe...

  • The Golden Year- The Sorceress
    268K 14.8K 47

    None of us can choose our destiny but nobody can escape it either... In this world of magic and chaos, Leila was left an orphan having no one left after a tragic fire. Over the years she learns how to use all sorts of weapons; the once sweet little girl had grown up to be a dangerous woman that didn't trust anyone. B...

  • The Lady Knight
    3.1M 128K 48

    As the first Lady Knight of Monrique, Juliette Van Helsing regularly deals with criminals who threaten the peace and security of her country. When a string of brutal murders among the nobility take place in quick succession, leaving behind one puzzle after another, she begins a race against time to find the murderer. ...

  • A Kind Of Bravery: A Mulan Retelling [1st Draft]
    393K 21.2K 24

    Harriet has always been the type of girl who would rather ride horses than stitch embroidery, practice her sword-fighting than practice her curtsies, and she'd rather dream about being the first female knight in all of history instead of a docile wife on some nobleman's arm. When a war between the allies of Ecrivenia...

  • The Lost Princess
    310K 4.5K 17

    In the balmy seaside kingdom of Astolat, Princess Gwenifver led a peaceful and content existence, training to claim the throne and unite her kingdom with Camelot's through marriage -- until Uther Pendragon swept in and killed her father and slaughtered her people for her father's supposed treachery. Gwen flees her fal...

  • Aether Academy
    433K 18.6K 41

    Aria- those who have the affinity for the element of air. Erde- those who have the affinity for the element of earth. Hudōr-those who have the affinity for the element of water. Fȳr-those who have the affinity for the element of fire. That's what her mother told Lillian about Aethers when she discovered that she's on...

  • Awake - Book One of the Spinner's Curse
    3.6M 35.3K 26

    Everyone is hiding from something; a secret, a lie. Mine just happens to be a curse, one bestowed upon me before my first birthday; a curse that says I'm supposed to die before I turn sixteen. But that isn't going to happen, because I have a plan. You see, it's impossible to prick your finger on the spindle of a spin...

  • Arise - Book Two of The Spinner's Curse
    55K 2.3K 5

    A Princess sleeps hidden in the mountains. An evil Queen rules the land. And curses are a way of life. Eira knows of only one way to end the Spinner's Curse: find the Princess, awaken her, and finally set to rights the evil that has destroyed a kingdom. But with a Huntsman seeking to steal her heart and a Queen determ...

  • Twisted Fairytales
    1.5K 84 49

    Three girls. Millions of fairy tales. Each fairy tale has an artifact, an object from the main person who used to keep their story alive. But not every story has a descendant, a Fairyite. Fairyite keep the story alive, passing an artifact from their story through the generations. However, the villains do not get an ar...

  • Red Hood
    276K 4.3K 7

    (COMPLETED) No one knew his real name. No one saw his face. He was a skilled knight in training who always wore a red hooded cloak during the training sessions. So the other knights called him Red Hood, completely oblivious to the fact that he was a woman in disguise. Even though the kingdom of Isalgia has started to...

  • Unmasked
    91.5K 2.5K 38

    Unmasked (A Cinderella Story): Mary Anabel is treated like a slave to her mother and sisters. Then one day, they get invited to a masquerade ball to finally meet the prince and Mary accidentally gets the prince to fall in love with her. But the thing is, Prince Charming doesn't know any bit of information about her. ...

  • The Dark Witch: The Nox Haven Series
    2M 112K 36

    I'd Like to think I was a good person, before it all began. I didn't cheat on tests, or steal. But throughout my entire life, I was treated if I were a monster. At the age of five, after several agonizing tests, I was diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder. But not even that title could describe just how strange...

  • The Living Fantasy (On Hold)
    26.6K 1.3K 9

    Don't you wish that the special moments from your favorite books would happen in real life? Don't you wish that certain book characters were real? Don't you wish that you could literally escape the real world and travel into a book? Lace does. She wishes that all these wonderful stories could actually happen. She want...

  • Ghosts
    45.4K 2.1K 53

    Marney Ables has a secret. You know how some people may have an STD or are secretly adopted? Something NORMAL. Marney isn't normal, though. Her secret is that she sees ghosts. Just when she thinks that her haunting gift or curse (she's not sure what to call it) is ONLY for her and nobody else has it, she finally find...

  • Married to the Prince of Darkness (COMPLETED)
    64.3M 2.1M 103

    Amelia Hayden is busy senior at college with no time for boys, parties or fun. This all changes one Halloween night after she accidentally finds herself at the center of a cruel prank that sees her being offered up to the local legend, the Prince of Darkness, as his virginal bride. Believing the urban myth to be untru...

  • The Beast of Yeller Wood
    96.6K 3.6K 22

    Belinda White lives in the remote village of Yeller, a place where she desires greatly to break free from. As a child she grew up with stories of "The Beast", a horrific monster her Papa encountered in his youth. But life has changed since then, Papa is dead and Mother is off with her own interests and agenda and Beli...

  • The Fairytale Life of Doris McQueen [#1] ✓
    211K 12.9K 33

    Watty winner + Featured by @GoosebumpsMovie THE FAIRYTALES ARE REAL, deals are bound in blood and debtors come to collect, with interest. When the clock strikes twelve, nightmares return. Doris McQueen has her whole life planned out until she is thrown into the world of magic, quests and curses. Ten impossible Hercul...

  • A Thousand Salt Kisses (Book 1 of Salt Kiss series)
    2M 74.6K 59

    ** Formerly a Featured Wattpad Story ** Seventeen-year-old Crystal White is the new girl on Starfish Island. Dragged to the remote community by her environmental activist father, she is eager to find fun that doesn't involve touching fish guts or listening to local folklore. During a midnight swim with some new frien...

  • The Run (SAMPLE)
    3.4M 115K 54

    {SAMPLE} Rae has been given responsibility from a young age. After her mother's death and her father's abandonment she was left to raise her five siblings at the age of sixteen. Now just turning nineteen she's put her life on hold to keep her family together but this year she won't be able to say no to the 'The Run'...