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  • Living With Infinite's L
    40.7K 1.1K 25

    SMASH! "Saranghae darling," and that's when I blacked out. Beep Beep, "she's alive, I'll take care of her doctor." The day after the accident were my parents died, I had to move into my mum's friend's house. As soon as I arrived I was greeted by THAT GUY. He was my bully at elementary school, I didn't think we will me...

  • I'm Not Suppose To Love You(INFINITE MYUNGSOO Fanfic)
    70.4K 2.9K 52

    Two big companies hate each other. Ever since the beginning of both of them. Park Hyeyeon the second in line to get the P.A.R.K company. she hates Kim Myung soo and the rest of the Kim family Kim Myung Soo the second in line for the Kim company. He hate Park Hyeyeon and the rest of the Park family Ever since they wer...

  • WITH....
    47.9K 1.5K 25

    Min Jung (you) and Myungsoo have known each since they were kids.. what happens if their parents have decided to have fixed marriage for the two? Will they agree with it especially if one of them secretly love the other for a very long time? This story will make you smile, fall in love and cry. Don't say you haven't...

  • Cold Gets Warm (Kim Myungsoo/L Love Story)
    222K 4.2K 63

    He’s so so cold to me! We always tease each other because he’s always the one who started it, He’s always rude to me! Who is he? He’s Kim Myungsoo of INFINITE! Even though he’s on the most famous boy group for you, for me he’s a total jerk! But, I really, really don’t know why I like him despite of his attitude being...

    252K 7K 48

    Kang Rae Na is a very spoil brat girl with some attitude problem. She grew up with her grandfather that protects her 24/7 each day. An incident happened that make her grandfather became furious with her and punished her. She has to become a maid in Kim Myung Soo's mansion which his grandfather happen to be her grandfa...

  • Me or Her??™ (Kim Myungsoo/ L Infinite Fanfic)
    208K 6.9K 40

    "You know what they say about hope? It breeds eternal misery." (Cover made by perksofdo) -Completed- ©All Rights Reserved @mikoteows

  • My Next Door Neighbor [Infinite Fanfic]
    57.2K 2K 19

    It all started when Myungsoo was looking for an apartment. He saw her and that was it; he was in love. He decided he would do everything in his power to make her his; even if it meant moving into the apartment next door. Also, I'd like to thank my Chingu @Infinite0809 for making the cover for ths book (^_~) #CKFICSAwa...

  • My Infinite Love [A Kim Myungsoo Fanfic]
    200K 5.3K 36

    |COMPLETED| |2013| #776 in Romance | You were just an independent girl working in a coffee shop, but somehow, as if the stars has aligned in some way, you suddenly bumped into Infinite, the popular kpop idols. They started being nice to you, though one of them, the ever so cold yet perfectly handsome Kim Myungsoo, bec...

  • Married To Myungsoo (Secret Singer continuation)
    125K 4.4K 42

    Another adventure lies ahead for Lee Suah after she signed a marriage contract and told everyone she was the Secret Singer. Suah is now going on a tour with Infinite. She was also given an opportunity to sing and be part of a famous Kpop company Woollim. But other big companies also want her especially SM. ENTERTAINME...

  • My Tag Boyfriend (Season 1)
    41M 674K 63

    Anong gagawin mo kapag may na-tag kang maling tao sa status mo sa Facebook? Ang masaklap pa nito, nabasa ng buong school yung status mo. Wait, nasabi ko na bang sikat at school heartthrob yung na-tag mo? At nasabi ko na rin ba na nag-I love you ka sa kanya with matching kiss smiley pa? ⒸMaevelAnne

  • I like you
    9.6K 356 20

    Both Infinite members, L and Sungyeol have crush on Hyojin who is a chef. As they try to win her heart they might lose their friendship in the process.