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  • Akatsuki fathers x daughter readers.
    400K 11.5K 42

    What happens when the akatsuki have daughters? How well will they do with taking care of them?

    46.8K 1.5K 74


  • Dreams come true!! ( Various Naruto x Reader ) DISCONTINUED
    373K 10.8K 66

    You were from the real world, when you enter the Naruto world, but at a younger age. You meet Naruto and his friends, and became really close to them. Turns out that they all fall for you. Who would you pick? (Including Gaara, Kakashi, Obito, Gai, Lee, Naruto, Jugo, Sasuke, Suigetsu, Kankuro, Neji, Kiba, Shino, Sai, C...

  • A Shinobi Story (Reader x Various)
    432K 18K 105

    (Y/N) Hanninzowa is the daughter of nobility, her father and mother are nobles of Konoha. But when (Y/N) was six years old, her parents are murdered in front her own eyes. All she remembers is that they wore midnight black cloaks with blood red clouds. Seeking revenge for her parents death, (Y/N) strives to become the...

  • The Tale Of The Uzumaki Twins
    43.1K 880 37

    What if Naruto had a twin sister?What if he did it would it change the story?Well this is the story of the Uzumaki twins,Naruto and Naomi Uzumaki.Read their story to find out what happens to them,who they fall in love with,Their ninja way,protecting those they love and making their dreams come true.Follow in the p.o...