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  • Scourge's Book
    18.7K 1.5K 60

    eh stuff, Random shiz.ask me.random.

  • A tale of two Tails (sonic fanfiction)
    9.2K 103 9

    Miles "Tails" Prower was at sonics house one late night, but two of his friends got inside his house and activated a machine with deadly powers. Now how will Tails figure out how to save his two friends, find out.

  • SONAMY: Secrets Untold
    4.7K 345 19

    Thus story bases in ancient time sonic has 5 major powers and has to fight off the evil Dr robotnik aka Eggman while he be able to find true love and conquer Eggman evil ways...

  • Robotnik's revenge: Path of the Dark
    2K 78 2

    After nearly becoming a successful evil scientist, Dr. Eggman proves he is actually a threat. G.U.N. ensures he is permanently put behind bars, under their watch. Thus, the warfare between Sonic and Eggman ceases, and peace is restored. However, the very thing that keeps the universe together is threatening to fall a...