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  • Alpha Incorporated
    82.4K 3.8K 34

    Lust, deception, revenge, love--all in a day's work for Isabella Measures, intern to the powerful CEO of Silicon Valley's Alpha Incorporated. But when the hot billionaire's idea of a first date crosses a line or two, Isabella finds herself caught in a tangled web of extortion, love and intrigue, leading her to discove...

  • Tad
    601 38 3

    When an OCD surfer falls for a young woman, he's soon physically pulled into her nightmares, which leads them on a quest to figure out their cosmic connection. WARNING. This story contains rainbows used as a weapon, kidnappers, surfing, irrelevant musings about spiritual theories of the universe, anime, fluorescent o...

  • Seduction in D Minor (Wattpad Romance Contest Winner)
    1.5K 47 1

    WINNER OF WATTPAD ROMANCE'S LOVE ME TINDER CONTEST. ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN THE "HEARTS ON SLEEVES" ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY You saw him a couple of weeks ago, playing saxophone in that downtown jazz club, and have been thinking about him ever since. There was something about that sound that connected you to him, on a deeper...

  • The Complex Sorcery of Kicking Ass
    15.7K 1K 3

    WHAT IT TAKES TO RESCUE THE PLANET: one very potent unseeing sorcerer, one botanist doubling as a syndicate branch affiliate, one particularly curious, fair human sidekick, and a knack for magical ass kicking.

  • Leslie's Christmas Surfer Boy Man-Bun Massacre
    230 19 1

    This is a very bad short story about Leslie Mcadam and her love of hunky surfer boys with disgusting man buns. Also Merry Christmas

  • Trespassers in the Garden of Eden
    186 10 6

    Earth has been conquered by the Yahjaran Crusade, an alien empire bent on interstellar manifest destiny. The war is over, the world is demilitarized, humanity is subjugated by a technologically superior foe we have no hope of overthrowing. But what happens next is more interesting- They don’t kill us, they don’t ensla...

  • GRAND PRIZE WINNER! The Brother Goes First
    603 41 1

    GRAND PRIZE WINNER in Margaret Atwood's The Heart Goes Last fiction competition! A prequel to Margaret Atwood's latest novel, The Heart Goes Last, and an entry in the Heart Goes Last Fiction Contest. In the days before the great economic collapse, Conor and his brother Stan share a few drinks at the local bar, PixelDu...

  • All the Waters of the Earth
    147K 376 1

    Excerpt only. Available on Amazon (free on Kindle Unlimited): Romance novelist Lucy Figueroa lives a life of the imagination. While her stories are filled with fictional alpha male heroes, her real life is filled with nothing but Mr. Wrongs. As a sassy, strong, single mom, she does...

  • The Stars in the Sky
    120K 543 3

    Excerpt only. Free on Kindle Unlimited on Amazon here: Foul-mouthed, tattooed, vegan Marie Diaz-Austin accepted a summer internship on a ranch north of Santa Barbara to work with underprivileged and special needs kids. Will Thrash, the gorgeous, but conservative rancher, wants not...

  • Our Time
    1.2K 98 5

    Tanya has spent her whole life trying to be the perfect student, daughter, sister, and friend but has never tried to make time for herself. At 25 she has finally got her dream job in marketing and advertising, but as her sister Nadia always says… ’where is mister right?’ Of course she works hard and yes she could spen...

  • There's A Fly in My Soup!
    941K 5.6K 5

    This is my kitchen. My rules. .......................

    Completed   Mature
  • ALMOST A BRIDE (Open On Annie)
    4.8M 169K 47

    (#1 ChickLit) Annie is having a very bad day! First, she walks in on her boyfriend having sex with another woman (the kinky kind), then she accidentally gets arrested and loses her job. Unfortunately for Annie, her very bad day lands up turning into a very bad year. So when her sister invites her on Holiday to Maurit...

  • Fierce
    250K 13.9K 34

    Georgiana Abel is a formidable business woman and her high powered, fast paced lifestyle doesn't leave much room for romance. Luckily it's something she has no interest in. She's very clear about this with the men she gets involved with...though when their expiry date arrives, male ego makes them bitter and leaves her...

    Completed   Mature
  • While The Rest of The World Was Sleeping
    18.7K 453 13

    Mila Viletti was nothing extraordinary, but she was far from the usual. 5'7, Italian and Greek background, with a beautiful petite figure and long dark hair to her mid back - sure her features screamed "foreign" but she was a California girl at heart! Her life was perfect enough for her liking until the only man she e...

  • Love is Awkward
    2K 100 8

    Jess and Adam have been best friends forever. They're both single and they share an apartment in the city. Since their friendship is platonic, being roommates won't cause any complications, right? When Jess starts getting serious with a guy at work things stop being so simple at home with Adam. Is he in love with her...

  • Ecstasy - A Collection of Saucy Short Stories
    859K 5.4K 13

    This book is a **COLLECTION** of short erotic stories. Hopefully reaching out to a number of people, no matter what your sexual preference is. The first story is about Isabella, a young woman who has just come out of a serious relationship which ended with her boyfriend cheating on her. She enters a coffee shop and m...

  • The Rehab
    11.4K 381 1

    You must always follow your dream. Romance for mature readers. Complete Novella - 23,000 words. Warning: This story contains mature content.

  • A Walk in the Countryside
    33.1K 1K 4

    In this story we find Leona, a 1st year college student in the little town of Colton, out for a walk with Jason. Though she only met him the previous week, she has had many intense fantasies about him. Now on their first date---a walk into the countryside--her passion hangs on that imminent first kiss . . .and what mi...

  • Soup
    3.4K 175 6

    Simon Broadnax is a simple man. Simon Broadnax has a complex problem. So imagine his joy at finding a solution- his wife Augusta. To show his appreciation, he cooks and tonight he's making soup. Would you like a bowl? Cover by EmSlough ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Copyright 2014 (don't steal & no translations!)

  • Rebound Therapy
    308K 2.6K 4

    Available for free from Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and Nook. Or just enjoy it here on Wattpad! "I've decided what your next step should be," Amy says after the first movie is over. We've eaten half the pizza, and each plowed through half of our respective pints. I groan, both from feeling overfull and with dread from h...

    Completed   Mature
  • On Bended Knee
    972K 28.2K 19

    After her relationship publicly explodes, physiotherapist Lucy MacKinley decides that the mature way to handle it is to run away from home. But in the remote town she's fled to, she finds that British heartthrob Frederick Asherton is not only filming a movie in town, he's landed himself on her exam table. Frederick is...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Girl's Guide to Fairy Tales
    155K 1.1K 23

    For daydreamer Maddie, obsessive compulsive Clare, over dramatic Isobel and happy-go-lucky Sophie, life is more a world of tragic than magic. Maddie battles against the constant monotony of a job she hates while her heart aches to follow her dreams of setting up her own cake-making business and turn her talent into a...

  • How To Tango With Tom Collins
    18.1K 593 8

    Four best friends, navigating the ups-and-downs of 20-something life, with a few tears, a few laughs, and quite a few bottles of gin...

  • Wednesday After Noon
    26.7K 1.8K 50

    new cover by @Jettaframe <3 Wednesday isn't her real name. That's just what people call her, because she's a goth. She hates everything. Her mother, her job, her best friend... The sun. But when you're Wednesday, you've got a good reason for your bad attitude. That's because Wednesday is half-vampire, and the sun g...

  • Viking Summer
    122K 6.2K 18

    Elsbeth already knows what life has in store for her, and it certainly doesn't involve Taran. He must've proposed to her a hundred times, but no matter how she feels about her oldest friend, she knows it can't work out between them. Elsbeth soon will be married off to a man who has the wealth to provide a decent home...

  • Soap and Water
    1.1K 124 8

    A newly-formed company of actors has been commissioned to perform Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" on a cross-country tour. Two of the actors, each having trouble in their separate relationships, throw caution to the wind and repeatedly engage themselves in secret, explicit, lustful romps. When one can't let go of t...

  • Be With You
    107K 4.2K 35

    The first book of the With You series ... There's three sides to every story. She believes she doesn't need anyone. He believes he needs someone. The truth is, they both need each other. Laila Sueler , an aspiring surgeon, and Shawn Nichols, the young business owner, meet at the worst time possible. Both overwhelme...

  • Doctor's Orders
    1M 31K 23

    Michael Foster was a prominent surgeon until one mistake cost him everything he'd worked for. Nothing was going to stand in the way of him rebuilding his career. Not even an opinionated small-town nurse determined to make his life miserable.

  • Seducing the Single Lady
    108K 4.6K 11

    Seducing The Single Lady is a sexy historical romance inspired by the songs of Beyoncé. She's a single lady.... Miss Susannah Grey could have any man she wanted now that she's beautiful, rich and finally free to encourage suitors after the death of the man to whom she's been betrothed since birth--and who fled to th...

  • A Different Kind of Fairy Tale
    225K 9.4K 23

    Stella and Alex have been best friends since the day Stella moved into Spring Towers Apartments three years ago. Alex reminded himself time after time that Stella was just one of the guys and completely off limits in all things romantic. That is until she needs an immediate boyfriend when her ex shows up engaged to th...