Alpha Incorporated
By BG_Davies
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Lust, deception, revenge, love--all in a day's work for Isabella Measures, intern to the powerful CEO of Silicon Valley's Alpha Incorporated. But when the hot billionaire's idea of a first date crosses a line or two, Isabella finds herself caught in a tangled web of extortion, love and intrigue, leading her to discover the dark truth behind Alpha, face the men who will do anything to protect their power, and find the strength to rise above. A romantic thriller of Shakespearean proportions, Alpha Incorporated is a contemporary retelling of William Shakespeare's problem play, 'Measure for Measure'. And true to the original Shakespeare play, this novel contains sexual situations and mature subject matter. Reader discretion is advised. Rated 14+ Early praise for Alpha Incorporated: - "An amazing story. Everyone needs to read this, for sure!" - "Intelligent and sensitive writing. Highly recommended. Don't ignore this one." - "A rollercoaster of a story...kept us guessing after every turn. Alpha Incorporated has been one hell of a ride." - "Alpha Incorporated is honestly one of my favorite books on Wattpad." - "Loved it, recommended it and will read it again" - "Never have I come across a book that made me think so much and spit out my food consecutively." - "Riveting. So much for Shakespeare in the Park" - "This definitely has been one of my favorite stories ever!! The plot was just amazing! You had me from the start with all of the intrigue and twists and turns and different point of views... I could go on forever." - "It has been amazing following the ups and downs of this story. I didn't think anyone could make me enjoy Shakespeare, but you did. True talent is the only way to describe your gift of writing. " - "Unlike anything else I have read. Original, engaging and so relevant right now. People, you need to read this!"


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Alpha Inc...
by BG_Davies