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  • Yaariyan ever after: thread 2 ✔️ (published on Hinovel)
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    This is the sequel of my story YAARIYAN EVER AFTER... so put ur seat belts on... and enjoy this journey of manan and their family.... With this writer of yours....

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  • Manik Malhotra: my nightmares
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    Will you ever lover your rapist? Can you? Let's ride together in the revengeful yet passionate love/revenge story of MANAN!

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  • Hidden Marriage (Completed)
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    This story I wrote Long back, you may find a lot of English typos/ mistakes, now my way of writing has changed, if I'll get that time I'll edit that, so don't judge it.

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    A couple of years after being tied into the knot of an arranged marriage Manik and Nandini have to face some truths about their relationship and learn new ways to accommodate the other into their life as some new feelings are realized. What if a shadow from their past follows them to their new life and threatens to d...

  • Manan ff- Eternity
    83.6K 5.3K 49

    Love isn't easy.. What's most beautiful is most complicated too.. Follow the story of Manik and Nandini where their relationship goes through different phases.. While some are picture perfect moments, some might just end up breaking them.. Will they be together through it??? Till eternity??? The chapters are private...

  • Manan: lust & love (18+)✔
    640K 25.8K 50

    A manan love story. This is a story that anyone can read without knowing about the show or characters . It is a standalone book where everything is penned according to my imagination. I know you guys are huge fans of pani or should I say manan. Well , name doesn't matter because we love the chemistry between them. Th...

  • kyy:Yaariyan2
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    YAARIYAN SEASON-2 Charcters are something like this:- Nandini Murthy:- a sweet bubbly girl .. who cares for every one.. and is so beautifull that any guy can fall for her... she lost her parents in an car accident and lives in a big villa.. with her cousin brother Abhimanyu.. Manik Malhotra:- a cool smart .. naughty...

  • A New Life ~ A Manan FF
    102K 4.4K 27

    This story is abt the luv story of MANAN. Manik is a handsome hunk . He is an arrogant college boy .He has everything a girl desires for . He studies in space academy . Nandini murthy is a cute chubby girl . Strong enough to deal with anyone but innocent inside . Her biggest dream is to study in India's no.1 musical...

  • Manan- Love story of a Slave
    88.4K 2.7K 17

    Nandini Moorthy is a 17 year old girl who has lost her family in a car accident except her little brother Rishabh when she was only 14. Now she is the only person who can take care of their family business i.e. Moorthy industries. But because of business rivalry she became a personal slave of their rival so she has to...

  • Lust to true love ( Completed)
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    manan + dark story.. . 18+ ( mature content) .. Lust to true love .. its a story how innocent Angel changes monster Glimpse Manik - wo girl kon hai. Person- sir, mr.dinesh murthy ki daughter hai Manik- kon ??Jo accounts department me kamm kerte h... Person- yes sir. Aaj hi unka promotion hua hai.. Now he is manager ...

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  • Manan ~Our Life~ [EDITING]
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    A story of two broken souls becoming mates tied by destiny who live a journey from 'ur and my life' to 'our life!!' How two lifeless souls become each other's life after they meet each other?? A lot many people associated to these should will find a new love story of two stangers-enemies-friends-lovers-companions all...

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  • One Mistake That Changed My Life
    410K 16K 35

    Manik Malhotra or should i say THE MANIK MALHOTRA..Today i have everything that can make anyone happy and satisfied i.e success, money, fame, Millions of people love my work..But after having all this I can never be fully happy because I'm broken, im devastated, im craving for love, for happiness but i can't...

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  • Manan FF : Two Beauties Of My Life
    292K 21.4K 29

    Manan love story. *Definitely not one of the cliche manan separation and reunion after years with Nandini having Manik's child kind of story* Trying to do something very fresh. Manik falls in love with gentle, BEAUTIFUL and Mysterious Nandini. She captures and rejuvenate Manik's heart. A small 5 years old BEAUTIFUL ba...

    2.2M 182K 156

    1 confusion , 1 house , 2 people and their twisted love story....................

  • manan screct life
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    hi this is my first ever story this story is basically based on manan screct life and how their screct life discloses infront of there friends and how they are able to manage their life or not? how their friends will react to their screct life.. for knowing more sty continuedd..............

  • Manan The Darkness Within
    629K 40.3K 75

    A story on my fav couple manik and nandini aka manan Its a dark ff and will have lot of suspense glimps of the story Manik was sitting on the bed by covering himself with the duvet.....he was depressed and then he looked sideways and saw nandini sleeping peacefully he got angry again by watching her peacefull face She...

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  • Manan - Always For Each Other
    246K 20.2K 53

    *****Award ceremony***** Host:best business man of the year award goes to....It's none other Mr.ManikMalhotra once again!! The hall echoed with claps as he is the best business man from past 8 years and he is the leading icon to all the youth as he is the only one who won this award in his teens!! The flashlight fell...

  • Manan: Epitome of Love
    1.6M 88.1K 99

    A business man and a singer ~Manik Malhotra falls in love with a doctor ~Nandini Murthy. A family drama with Manan portraying Epitome of Love. Come fall in love.

  • I'm in love with my neighbour
    103K 6K 55

    Its a story of two persons of different mentality. MANIK AND NANDINI. Lets see how these two people or I can say love birds manage their relationship and how long they can hold their relationship....

  • Love Heals
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    A MaNan fanfic

  • Manan ff : Shining Armour
    3.5M 201K 109

    Hey guys ... !!! This is a story about how a betrayed impulsive and an arrogant Manik Malhotra starts to live his life after finding his shining armour that is Nandini Murthy and how nandini becomes his need !!! Lets see how Nandinis life changes after meeting her monster. #1 in fan fiction category on 6th August.

  • Love sex aur dhoka
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    This story is about 5 boys and 5 girls. They are the best music band of space academy.

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  • Dark Love Story Of Manan ( Completed )
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    Manan story ...Mature content .. It is the different story of manan in which the love started from lust I hope u will all liked it English + Hindi mix The dark love Nandu- manik jeeju u can't do this... Stay away from me Manik- awww my saali sahiba.. U know I want u Nandu-- plz plz noo... Manik- u know if u will n...

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  • Manan Ff - Stranger To Life Partners✔ (COMPLETED)
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  • MaNan SS: The Wild Expedition
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    Manik Malhotra a high society boy who is a perfect example of a rich spoilt brat! He is a wildlife photographer and he loves his job to the core. The most hottest and sexiest boy ever. He hates villagers! Nandini Murthy a middle class village girl who is a perfect example of beauty with brains! She is the only girl w...

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    #1 fanfiction on 21/09/16 - 22/09/16 #2 fanfiction on 8/09/16 #3 fanfiction on 18/06/16 #4 fanfiction on 15/04/16 Written by - Mawara_Ejaz